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Recruiting Q&A with Jay Fielder



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

You won’t get much recruiting news on PFB, but Jay Fielder from (Rivals) and I exchanged emails regarding some popular trends and names for the 2013 class. You can follow Jay on Twitter here. If you want more in-depth recruiting updates and information, consider signing up for their premium material at

Matt Amilian:  Despite how much fun he had in Stillwater this weekend, Laquon Treadwell seems to be favoring Ole Miss.  What reason do OSU fans have to believe he might be wearing orange next fall?

Jay Fielder:  I think the biggest beacon of hope would be the fact that Treadwell is willing to take the visit and is expected to bring his mother with him.  If he was 100 percent convinced Ole Miss was the right spot then why waste the time and wait until after to announce it.

That said, I do think it will take a momumental visit experience for OSU to surpass Ole Miss at this point.  As you mentioned, all indications point to Ole Miss but there is a lot that makes sense for him at OSU that could give him something to think about such as the recent success the Cowboys have had with Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon, the offensive scheme itself, and his uncle is former OSU All-American linebacker Ricky Young from the early 1980’s.

Lastly, OSU has an outstanding track record of landing uncommitted prospects that take official visits to Stillwater each year.  They don’t sign everybody that visits but they have historically landed an overwhelming majority in the end.

MA:  We have one RB committed for this class in Corion Webster.  His offer list isn’t bad (includes both Arizona schools, Arkansas and Texas A&M). What aspects of his game are the most promising?  What is he lacking?

JF:  The thing the stands out to me the most about Webster on film is his versatility.  He catches the ball well out of the backfield and can also run between the tackles well.  On film he doesn’t appear to be as elusive as a Joseph Randle type but he does look to maybe have a touch more straight line top end speed. His versatility fits well within OSU’s offensive scheme so it’s easy to see why they like him.

Like most running backs out of high school though he’ll likely need to add some size and strength when he gets on campus but with Randle heading to the NFL there will certainly be an opportunity for a young guy to come in and crack the depth chart.

Corion Webster

MA:  How will the departure of Joseph Randle affect the decision of Altee Tenpenny?

JF:  I’m not sure how much of an effect it will have at this point.  For a while now I’ve felt that Tenpenny would end up in the SEC either at Alabama or Arkansas.  One would have to assume that Randle’s departure would be mentioned to Tenpenny but I think OSU is starting to focus their efforts on other backs, most notably Rennie Childs out of Houston who picked up an offer yesterday.

MA:  Which 2013 commit will have the biggest impact on the OSU defense over his college career?

JF:  It can be really hard to project how some of these guys will pan out but at this point based purely on need I’m going to go with Deric Robertson. OSU will have five senior safeties on the team in 2013 so in 2014 there’s a good chance that one of the three safeties coming in this year will be starting.  I going to pick Robertson based on his combination of size and speed.

Deric Robertson

MA:  When you talk to recruits, what are some of the popular reasons guys choose OSU?

JF:  Probably the most consistent thing that gets mentioned is the facilities. It’s pretty evident that the facilities are the first thing that catches the eye for most kids. Another popular answer is the players on the team and people around campus.  Most kids I talk to go out of their way to mention how nice everyone is and that they felt very comfortable within the city and on campus. Thirdly would probably be the coaching staff which collectively does a nice job of making prospects feel welcome as well.

MA:  How much impact do fans have on recruits by tweeting to them?

JF:  Hopefully not much but it’s hard to tell for sure. It’s against NCAA rules but at this point there’s no way to regulate it.  he hope at this point has to be that while enjoying the attention the kids realize what priorities they need to have when picking a school. Because regardless of where they go, the attention goes away once they sign somewhere and they become yesterday’s news overnight.

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