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Remember the 10 roundup

Stories, videos, photos, and more.



You will never forget where you were or who you were with when you heard the news.[1. Feel free to share your story in the comments.]

I know I won’t.

I was sitting with my dad, watching SportsCenter, when that night’s host went grim and the graphics guy at ESPN flashed our logo…

Here’s a roundup of things floating around the web about that day that I found interesting…

Doug Gottlieb wrote about that day in 2010 and it’s still so great. (ESPN)

I wrote this in 2011 about the good that can come from what happened. (PFB)

Berry Tramel on the 10-year anniversary. (NewsOK)

Here’s Eddie at the memorial this year. (Imgur)

One of my favorite photos ever. (NewsOK)

My friend who played high school basketball with Nate Fleming wrote about him a few years ago. (PFB)

Some tweets from former and current players…

Great, simple, tweeet.

Here’s the photo OSU put out today.


Here’s the first game back. A game Eddie called “…one of the most important games I’ve ever coached in. It would have been devastating not to win.”

Here’s the memorial service.

Here’s Doug and Desmond at the 10th anniversary in 2011..

Here’s Bedlam from that year when OU came out in orange shirts.

Desmond’s interview after the 2001 slam dunk contest (start at 6:30).

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