Report: Michael Fly Remaining at Florida Gulf Coast, Not Joining Boynton’s Staff

Written by Kyle Cox

It appears Mike Boynton has not yet filled out his staff. It was reported earlier this week that Florida Gulf Coast assistant Michael Fly would fill the final spot.

Now, according to Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World, Fly has decided to stay in Fort Myers.

The same was reported by CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein.

This would mean that there is a still an open spot on the staff along side associate head coach Lamont Evans, assistant John Cooper and Keiton Page who was recently promoted to Director of Player Development.

  • OSU Student

    Dang. I guess we’ll just have to settle for Bill Self as an assistant.

  • Patrick, Orlando

    Bring on Rutherford

  • The Kyles

    Doug! Doug! Doug!

    • Chris Baker

      I would love to see Doug actually take a coaching job he’s qualified for, rather than just think he’s due the OSU job whenever it comes open. I do not want a HC who has literally never coached in any way at any level, for our HC. I love the idea of Doug joining the staff though.

      • Kyle Porter
        • Rockdoc

          I don’t follow the NBA much, except during the playoffs, but this in not really proving a point. This post season Kerr has not been on the bench for a single game due to health issues and the Warriors have yet to lose a game. Last year when they set the record for most wins to start a season, he was not on the bench for most of that, again for health reasons. Assistant coaches seem to do just as well as he has done. How much player development has he had to do with that lineup? Doug may have been a great coach, but you can’t just throw a guy out there that inherited a group of 20+ year old professionals and say coaching experience doesn’t mean anything.

  • Pokelahoma
  • Dustin Mayfield

    Desmond Mason anyone?