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RESULTS: 40 percent of you want to play golf with Mike Gundy

Sorry Holder, Hargis, and Spencer but HCMG wins this one.



I really enjoyed doing the polls on PFB this week. Here’s a look at yesterday’s results from the “pick one of these to play 18 holes of golf with” question:

Who would you want to play golf with? Percentage
Mike Gundy 40%
Mike Holder 17%
Burns Hargis 24%
Glenn Spencer 19%

No surprise here that Gundy took it home. He’s the most compelling figure in Stillwater and it’s probably not even that close.

I went with Holder, though. I feel like he’s the most volatile, so to speak, and would have so many insane stories about OSU golf and other stuff that he probably wouldn’t mind you knowing. Burns would be cool, but diplomatic, and I feel like Spencer would just tell me my short game would be better if the well of my heart was more full and rich. Or something like that.

Here were the best comments from the poll (and there were some gems):

Oklahoman: “I chose Mike Gundy because I believe I could get an answer as to the type of gel (glue?) he uses to keep the hair perfect in the Oklahoma wind. Also, can you imagine some of the one liners he’d spit out in the 4(ish) hours you’d be with him?”

Dennis: “Holder, obviously, so I can ask him what the hell he was thinking giving a 10-year contract to a guy with one NCAA tournament victory and what he would do now to take that back? Ask him if he really hates Gundy? Who does he see as his successor as AD?”

Loaf: “I voted Gundy but should’ve voted Holder so I could 9-iron his knee caps. Or, if a cooler head prevailed, at least bitch him out for four hours about the retainment of Lord Farquad (Travis Ford).”

Ross Gillispie: “I voted for Glenn Spencer, cause he could get me amped up enough to go for it in two on the par 5s, and have the adrenaline to pull it off. Gundy was 2nd, because you don’t brag to your buddies 20 years down the road about playing golf with the DC.”

CBW: “Holder – So I can ask him why he is so awesome and such an asshole all at the same time… I would also play marry, shag, kill with him too. I am pretty sure he would Marry – Mary Fallon, Shag – himself, and kill his coaches.”

Luke: “I went with Gundy mainly to see if he chooses the wrong club as many times as he chooses the wrong quarterback.”

Okay, with a week of the daily polls in the books, what do you guys think? Like? Dislike?

I thought they were a blast, personally. I think my hope for them is to have a little ongoing fun throughout the workday, something to check in on and talk about and maybe let everyone else be a little more invested in the content of the site. Maybe they’ll work long-term, maybe not, but for now I’m in on them.

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