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Roundtable: Talking J.D. King, Tyron Johnson and Chuba Hubbard



Following the Tulsa game, the PFB team held a roundtable discussion about Tyron Johnson, J.D. King, importance of rankings and more. Here’s our conversation as we reflect on OSU’s season-opening win over the Golden Hurricane.


Boone: OK cool. First q: 1. OSU fell a spot to No. 11 despite winning by 35 in its season opener. OU beat UTEP by 49 and jumped 2 spots. Is OSU’s drop in the AP poll a concern to you?

Phillip Slavin: No. It’s week one. Just keep winning and it will all work itself out.

Matt Harris: No, as the season goes on OSU should be placed where they are supposed to be. Quality wins will move OSU up and losses will move it down. Small non-conference games typically won’t matter in the large scope of things come the end of November.

Kyle Cox: It’s not much of a concern because it’s so early and I don’t think OSU gets into the CFP with more than one loss anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. It’s also less concerning because it’s not much of a surprise. OSU is not going to get the benefit of brand recognition in any situation.

Ryan Harris: Not yet. Winning will help fix that, but the lack of respect early on is not much of a surprise. Even in a “bag year”

Hayden Barber: It’s not a worry to me (and I believe the program at large) whatsoever. I think most everyone understands the drop because it is Oklahoma State, and that’s exactly where I think they want to be.

Justin Southwell: The AP Poll means nothing until (probably) about Week 7. Take care of business and it’s all going to work out. Overrated teams will be exposed soon enough.

Boone: Yeah, I think we’re all on the same page. I don’t quite understand the logic but I think it’s too early to start throwing a fit about rankings and feeling disrespected.

Matt: Not to mention that the CFP rankings are what will really matter in the end, not the AP.

Boone: Which wide receiver impressed you the most in week 1?

Porter: WR that impressed me most in Week 1 was Marcell Ateman. He went unnoticed because of The President and because Carson was busy trying to get Tyron in the CFB Hall of Fame, but he was impressive in his return. He’ll win a game this year because he’s so big and physical. I’m excited he’s back.

Barber: I was absolutely stunned how much Dillon Stoner was used. He wasn’t particularly impressive to me, but just knowing how he got more snaps than Chris Lacy and Tyron Johnson is nuts. As far as impressiveness, I think James Washington put on one of the quietest but most beautiful performances of his career. 145 yards on six catches with two of them going for scores.

Cox: James Washington was the more impressive but it’s hard for him to impress me when I’ve seen him dominate the last 2-3 years. I’d have to say Tyron just because it was his first play and all the hype was just that before that third down and 6. Is he an All-Big 12 talent? We’ll see. But you can’t have a much more impressive one-catch game than that.

Southwell: Washington. Tulsa knew he was the man and he still racked up over 100. He’s phenomenal at being able to track down the ball if it’s not a perfect throw.

Matt: That’s a tough question to answer because the expectations for that group as a whole are very high. Ateman and Stoner both caught 4 balls in a crowded receiver room but I’m still going with James. I picked him as my offensive MVP and he put up 145 yards and two scores. That’s impressive for being the guy that everyone knows they need to shut down.

Ryan: I thought Ateman was excellent in his return. Outside of McCleskey, the whole group was solid. James Washington set himself apart though, like usual. Defenses know what’s coming and they still can’t stop it. Incredible.

Boone: I’m ashamed to do it, but I have to pick Tyron Johnson. He only had 1 catch and 1 carry, but every time he touched it I tensed up with how explosive he was with the ball. I knew James Washington was going to be awesome and same for Ateman. But Tyron was most impressive.

Slavin: Ateman impressed me the most. I was honestly a little nervous about how he would look after missing last year. I also didn’t know if he would get the chance to shine with everyone else on the field. He looked great!

Boone: Next q: Justice Hill previously called J.D. King a bigger version of himself. What do you make of that assessment after seeing him in week 1?

Southwell: I’d say that’s ackrut.

Cox: He’s definitely bigger but what we’ve seen so far from King is that he’s got his own running style. I think the two should complement each other nicely. Hill is bigger and stronger than last year and more of a complete back. King started big and strong and can work himself into the same type. Each with their own strengths. There’s loads of potential in that backfield.

Matt: I think he’s right. He doesn’t have speed that blows you away, but he’s still pretty quick. Going for 95 yards on 6 carries and a score isn’t too shabby for a collegiate debut.

Porter: What film is Justice watching? I look more like Mason Rudolph than J.D. King looks like Justice Hill. I don’t know that King can be Carson Lite this year, but those two together have a real chance to provide the same amount of total production (which is obviously a delight). I hope OSU gets Georgia or Clemson or somebody on the schedule for 2019 to show them what they missed out on in King.

Porter: Preferably Georgia.

Hayden: I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Mentally, I see it, and I wrote about it, but physically – and Gundy attested to this – they are completely different. Justice is shiftier and quicker. J.D. is stronger better in pass protection. In fairness, both are good catching balls out of the backfield and both have solid ball protection.

Slavin: A mild understatement. King is bigger. He’s not as fast. However, with that size, if he can become a physical runner like Chris Carson was last year, he’ll be the perfect complement to Hill.

Ryan: I’d say that’s partially accurate. I don’t think King is as nimble or quick on his feet as Justice is. Of course, Justice also has more experience. I think King will be a great backup this season.

Boone: King is an up-the-gut, ground-and-pound Georgia football breed, whereas Justice is a guy who thrives in space and making guys miss. Both can run between the tackles, but I think King is more equipped with his mean-streak running style. He runs angry.

Southwell: I wonder if they sit around and watch Barry Sanders highlights in their down time like I do.

Boone: Would you like to see Chuba Hubbard play this season or redshirt?

Barber: Redshirt. They have their 1-2-3-4 punch. The last thing I want is for him to be relegated to a Jeff Carr role.

Matt: I’m really interested to see what Chuba can do but I think with JD King and LD Brown going for 90 each in their first game, I think we’re fine behind Justice. I say redshirt him.

Cox: It would be cool to be that deep and talented that he can be redshirted. But if he is good enough to make an impact, cut him loose. Agreed with Hayden, though. If he’s going to average under three or so touches a game, hand him over to the Glass factory.

Ryan: Redshirt. I think the starting 4 of Hill, King, LD Brown and Ja’Ron Wilson is a solid group. There’s just way too many offensive weapons to get him touches.

Boone: Without question, I want to see him play. I think if he can give you 3-5 touches per game as a potential home run threat, you’ve got to use him. Why hold him out? If you’re goal is to win a Big 12 title, you need all the talent you can get on the field.

Slavin: I want to see him play, but I think it would be better to redshirt him. We have a one-two punch with Hill and King. LD Brown showed he could be a solid No. 3 against Tulsa. I don’t see a point in wasting a year of Hubbard. If he’s as good as advertised, he’ll be more valuable next year when we’re replacing Mason Rudolph and multiple senior receivers.

Porter: I want it. OSU has a real chance to run the table and win the Big 12. Put all your playmakers on the field however you can and figure it out. I’m not here for 2021. I want to see it all in 2017. #Gone

Southwell: I want to see him now. Pull out all the stops to win the natty. Another dynamic home run threat in the backfield, slot receiver, or on special teams is something no other team can account for. All in. #ItsOver

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