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Social Media Reacts to News that Bedlam Rivalry Will End When OU Leaves for SEC

People aren’t too happy. (Shouts to Hunter Mahan!)



If you’ve been following the tea leaves the last year since OU and Texas officially announced their imminent departure to the SEC, you know the Bedlam rivalry was on the brink of extinction. Word on Tuesday from ADs at both schools that it will die when OU leaves for the SEC was merely confirmation.

That didn’t stop the pitchforks from coming out in full force in the aftermath of the news on social media. People aren’t happy about a great rivalry coming to an end. And rightfully so! This rivalry literally pre-dates the history of the state!

Here are some of the many, many responses on social media I saw. Shout out Hunter Mahan for coming in guns ablazing.

This from the A&M perspective absolutely slayed me. Can’t wait.

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