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#okstate roundup: Mike Tyson gives advice to Johny Hendricks

Who’s going to Big 12 media days (?), orange fountain, Farmer Pete, and more.



Trying something new out today by putting a roundup of tweets and Instagrams in a separate post. I felt like they were overwhelming the Bullets a little bit and this gives them some breathing room. Feel free to let me know if you hate it.

Also, I’d love to include your tweets and Instagrams in the roundup — just make sure and tag them #okstate because that’s the only way I’ll see them.



A little much, maybe?


How many Cardinals can Fowler name?

This guy runs the Student Union and he’s been walking around with this foam finger in honor OSU getting voted the No. 1 Student Union in the country. Pretty awesome.

I like.

What is this square hand signal?

Farmer Pete is killer.

That’s a really cool pic.

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