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2014 is upon us and it marks the three-year anniversary of Pistols Firing (I started it at the end of January 2011).

That’s crazy to me but it’s been a really fun ride and I’ve met a ton of cool people along the way.

In an effort to continue to create better content and a better product I wanted to get some feedback from you.

I get ideas here and there for the blog on Twitter or in the comments section but I feel like some of them are outliers. I wanted to see what the majority of you think about how the site functions, what I can do better, and what I’m already doing well.

It’s also helpful to show advertisers which is obviously good for the site.

All answers are anonymous and if you don’t feel like answering a question, feel free to skip it. But I really do value any feedback you have as we try to have an even better fourth year than the previous three.

Take the survey here.


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