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Ten predictions for 2015

Nash as Big 12 POY, hoops gets new unis, no QB for Walsh and Dez as the richest NFL player?



Leyton Hammonds, Alex Budke, Phil Forte and Le'Bryan Nash. (USATSI)

Leyton Hammonds, Alex Budke, Phil Forte and Le’Bryan Nash. (USATSI)

I’m getting to this a bit later than I would have like but here are 10 random predictions I have for 2015. Here are the 10 I had for 2014 and how they turned out.

1. Mason Rudolph is first team All-Big 12

Yeah I’ll go there. I think Rudolph is special. I think he’s going to be great. And I think OSU is going to be pretty good in 2015 so this is a bet against Trevone Boykin and Seth Russell more than anything.

Daxx will be starting by Week 6, won’t he?

2. Baseball makes the College World Series

It’s happening.

3. Le’Bryan Nash wins Big 12 Player of the Year

I’ve been given the benefit of 13 extra days of watching him (and the team) and this will hinge on if OSU can somehow finish in the to four but he’s certainly in the conversation right now.[1. Smart money is probably on Juwan Staten and WVU which is somehow 14-2.]

4. Rickie Fowler wins…more than once

He was too good last year and I don’t see that going anywhere. I’ve talked a lot about regression to the mean when it comes to football turnovers etc. but how about regression to the mean in what score it takes to win a golf tournament?

Fowler could have won about four of them in 2014 and got none. That should even out in 2015.

5. JW Walsh doesn’t play a single play at QB at OSU

Here’s the conundrum: Walsh would be the best backup QB in the country at a school not named Ohio State. It’s also going to be difficult to keep Walsh off the field at another position.

What do you do?

Also, are we sure he isn’t transferring?

He graduates this semester and would look nice in, say, a SMU or Southern Miss uniform, wouldn’t he? We’re 100 percent positive he’s going to be suiting up for Mike Gundy in 2015?

6. Basketball, not football, gets new uniforms 

It would be too easy to say that football will upgrade its threads after four years with the same design. I hope they do but it feels like basketball is a more likely choice here.

7. Football schedules a home and home with a team that finished in the AP top 15 this year

I don’t think Mike Holder just says think off hand like that…here are your choices:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.06.09 PM

8. Mike Holder is named to CFP committee

Speaking of Holder, I think he’s the choice to replace Oliver Luck. He doesn’t carry the same cachet as the Texas AD or OU AD but he’s the eldest of the bunch by nearly a decade.

9. Oklahoma State men make the Sweet 16

I’m so discombobulated by this Travis Ford team. They play unselfishly, get good looks, lean on their stars well and are a lot of fun to watch. They aren’t really talented enough to get out of the second round but I’ll keyboard flip it if they do.

10. Dez Bryant becomes NFL’s highest-paid receiver at some point

Currently this guy is the highest-paid player at 7 years and $127 mllion so…yeah.

Calvin Johnson has a $113 million deal so that’s the number Dez will have to top. Also, is there an easier job than negotiating Dez Bryant contracts? All you have to do is put in a DVD, hit play and wait by your mailbox.

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