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The 20 Most Important People to the 2015 Season (No. 19)



Kyle and I will be sorting through the 20 most important people leading up to the 2015 season every day until the Central Michigan game which, as you know, is just 19 days away.

Porter: I have Cowboy Backs coach Jason McEndoo ranked No. 19. I explained my intrigue in how OSU uses its Cowboy Backs earlier this week.

It seems like they have the most unique opportunity of any position group to affect the outcome of the season. Because they are a new-ish group and opponents don’t necessarily have a game plan involving them, McEndoo will have as much liberty as any non-coordinator to be a difference-maker (in a good or bad way) this season.

Boone: I put J.W. Walsh at No. 19 because his leadership and veteran experience are going to pay dividends for a young quarterback group this year. Everyone knows Walsh can make plays with his legs. The closer we get to the season opener, the more I am convinced that Walsh will play a large role for the offense again this year.

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