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The Best Of Social Media in the Season Opener



So, that wasn’t quite the blowout that I originally predicted….

Kyle and I were definitely doing this. Think this game was a blip, but still….

Moving on.

Mason Rocked the Manning Passing Academy gear in the pregame.

Defensive tackle Darrion Daniels had a very impressive debut as a true freshmen. Got his first sack and little bro was proud. (Little bro is a pretty talented defensive tackle who has an OSU offer)

This had me rolling.

Haha I felt the same for awhile.

This was true from David Ubben. He’s big, but he’s got to know when to slide and when to plow. Thought he had a solid night, though. 266 yards and a TD – no turnovers.

This was pretty solid.


After the Ateman TD catch, this was every OSU fan.

This was pretty accurate. But guys, a win is a win. Maybe we should reevaluate our national championship projections. This team is still young, and I think this game was exactly what we needed.

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