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The Eight Best Quotes From the Oklahoma State-Central Arkansas Game



There aren’t always a ton of takeaways from a game like Saturday’s, but hey, Glenn Spencer said some interesting stuff so let’s take a look at it. Here are the eight best quotes from Saturday evening in Boone Pickens Stadium.

Central Arkansas coach Steve Campbell on OSU

“They’re a good defense. We tip our hats off to them. We knew that they were a good football team and that we were going to have to play a really good ballgame. I thought the guys played hard, but just didn’t make enough plays.”

Mason Rudolph on his first home game

“I think it starts with The Walk. The Walk was more packed than I had seen as long as I’ve been here, which hasn’t been long.”

Mike Gundy on the (sort of) lack of a run game

They were forcing the pass. They had everybody down in the box. That was the game plan, I’m guessing. When that happens, you have to throw the ball. It’s difficult to run the ball with those types of looks.”

Mike Yurcuch on empty yards

Thirty-two points isn’t representative of how we move the football. It’s about turnovers, it’s about points and it’s about winning the game. We played well enough to win the game obviously, but we have to score points and get in the end zone.”

Glenn Spencer on not having a turnover on defense

I was just looking at the stat sheet here and we were better on third down, we tackled better. Not pleased that we can’t get a turnover. I think this week I’m just going to not talk about it and try that route. They played well.”

Glenn Spencer on evaluating a defense

“We’ll look at the film. Whenever you stop somebody in the run game, it’s the whole front seven, so I hate when people try to single out guys or a position group. Good run defense is the front seven working together. A guy might make a tackle, but it’s because another guy forced it back inside or another guy spilled it. It’s unbelievable cause it’s the world we live in.[1. Straight out of the Mike Gundy school of handling sports reporters.] I don’t like to say that these guys did better than these guys. We held them under 100 yards rushing, so that’s an awesome day.”

Mason Rudolph on his wide receivers

“It was good to be able to distribute the ball to a bunch of freaks out there. There are a bunch of guys that make plays for us and it was just a great team win.”

David Glidden on his quarterback

Coach Gundy says it all the time that the quarterback has to be the toughest guy on the field and I have to give Mason a lot of credit. He always stays composed and I’ve said that a lot about him and every game he proves me right and it’s impressive.”

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