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The Morning Fade – 1.26.11



Leave it to Marshall Moses to put everything in perspective (Stillwater News Press): “We of course want to win for us, but if anything, winning the game for them, on a night where it’s their ceremony, would be bigger than any win we could ever have because we have life to live after the game. Win, lose or draw, God has blessed us with life. God willing, we’re all going to walk out of this building, those guys didn’t get that chance. So winning for them would actually be more important than winning for us.”

Really great shot of The Paint Crew (Purdue student section) honoring OSU during College Gameday over the weekend. Like I said on Twitter this weekend, I think I’ve forgiven them for the ’97 Alamo Bowl now.

OU is really making it too easy for us. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, only if the fish had their fins cut off and you had a rocket launcher.

Chatmon with an update on the OC saga – Maybe he’s just going to let Weeden call the plays?

Good column by Sittler setting up the game tonight, and talking about Texas’ embarrassment of riches. I do find it a little ironic that we’re criticizing another school for the amount of money bestowed upon its athletic program though. Just a thought.

Ubben with the five most bizarre Big 12 plays from 2010 – Guess who was #2? “Oklahoma State looked ready to trot off the field as 41-38 winners over Troy in their second game of the year. Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden lined up in the victory formation, but fumbled the snap, unbelievably giving the ball back to Troy on their 34-yard line with just under a minute to play. Lucky for Weeden, his teammate, Justin Gent, sacked quarterback Corey Robinson on the next play, and Orie Lemon recovered Robinson’s fumble to end any notion of what could have been one of the most embarrassing losses in recent history. In Weeden’s defense, he was playing with a ruptured tendon in his thumb, which meant pain during any snap under center, but it’d be tough to find a worse time to fumble a snap than in that situation.

People were hating on K-State’s unis from Monday night against Baylor but think I kind of like them. I’m a sucker for anything slate/gray/steel though. Like this.

Andy Staples with a really interesting article about a list I wish OSU wasn’t on – “The SEC receives most of the scorn for oversigning, but it isn’t the only place where programs embrace the practice. In the past five years, 25 of the 120 FBS programs have averaged more than 25 signees a year. That list includes half the Big 12’s current 10-team membership (Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech).”

Remember The Ten Articles
The O’Colly tells what Jan. 27 was like from inside the athletic department – Ryan Cameron (who you can follow on Twitter at @ryancameron24) on the perspective he gained, “I remember being so disappointed with the way the guys had played that day at Colorado. There are bigger things in life and you really never should take things for granted. In a way it was kind of strange because you never felt prouder to be a part of the Oklahoma State family at that time because people got to see what we were all about.”

Berry Tramel with a great story on Eddie’s lingering pain – “Sutton has lived a lifetime these last 10 years. Lived a lifetime since that Oklahoma State basketball plane went down in the Colorado foothills, 10 years ago Thursday. Lived a lifetime since the end of 10 lives in his charge. A fall from grace, due to addiction. A third Final Four. His son’s fall from grace, also to addiction. Highest highs. Lowest lows. But nothing lower than Jan. 27, 2001.”

Rush The Court with a scary and strangely-timed account of a UMass plane that escaped a close call on Tuesday afternoon.

Do they have these in Texas? Where do I sign up?

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