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The Morning Fade – 2.10.11



1. Andy Staples re-ranks the 2008 recruiting classes – OSU slides in at #8 even though Rivals originally had them at #26. Here’s Staples’ explanation, “in-state rival Oklahoma has been more successful overall and did sign quarterback Landry Jones in 2008, but Oklahoma State landed more key contributors in this class. Several of Oklahoma State’s best signees (DE Jeremiah Price, DT Swanson Miller, LB Donald Booker and S Lucien Antoine) in 2008 didn’t play in 2010 because they were junior college transfers who had exhausted their eligibility. In 2010, a member of the class of 2008 (Brown) gave the Cowboys this play. More importantly, a three-star receiver the Cowboys beat Colorado, Missouri and Northern Iowa to sign grew into one of the nation’s best.” (SI)

2. Mike Sherman with a good rundown on Todd Monken – Like I said yesterday, I’m going to reserve judgement until this plays out a little bit. Off the cuff, yes, it seems a little bit odd and not completely in line with the direction I though OSU would go. But then again, I’m just some little blogger with a domain name and Mike Gundy is running the best offense in the nation. He probably knows a little bit more about the situation than I do. (News OK)

3. Todd Monken Q&A with – Very standard, boring answers here which I suppose better than getting Iverson’d, Mora’d, or for that matter, Gundy’d on the first day. (

4. A KU blogger puts together your preseason baseball power poll – “The Cowboys were bad last year, and also last in ERA and last in runs scored, but they have some guys that I like. Davis Duren, a 13th round pick last year, is back after hitting .383 last season. Two way player Andrew Heck, a transfer from Duquesne, doesn’t have the greatest statistical track record, but he has a lot of talent and good tools. Gabe Weidenaar, who was a teammate of Bryce Harper’s at the College of Southern Nevada, will probably be their everyday center fielder. He hit .373 with 7 homers last year for them and he also is a very versatile player.” (Rock Chalk Talk)

“I want to blend what this team has done with what I’ve done to make this Oklahoma State’s offense. We want to have flexibility with it. With all of the returning starters, it would be silly to break up what they already have going. When I was at Louisiana Tech, we were no-huddle. When I was at Oklahoma State under Les, it was power running and going straight ahead. The key is to be flexible.” – Todd Monken

I guess I don’t completely know what this even means but she’s kind of right, they do look alike.

Thanks to @jjhelsley for passing along this phenomenal supplement to Tuesday’s bracketology post.

Also in case you missed it (and I’m not sure how you would have since I’ve been tweeting about it for the last 12 hours), I melted down on somebody else’s site over a post that satirized the rape charges levied against Darrell Williams. To recap the incident: I respect people who make their own websites and write on blogs because I know how difficult it is to create a voice in this land of a billion (literally) voices called the internet. However, I can’t bring myself to esteem anyone, much less a fellow Oklahoma State blogger, when they trivialize something as serious and disgusting as the physical molestation of another human being. So I called the writer out and he proceeded to edit my comment so it looked as if I didn’t know how to spell and otherwise put a complete English sentence together. So I called him out again.

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