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The Morning Fade – 2.28.11



What They’re Saying
1. John Helsley does a nice write-up on Reger Dowell that includes this hilarious quote from Roger Franklin, “Coach Ford is looking at you. We can do this together. We can jump the Red River together.” Were they trying to flee a country or just go to college? (News OK)

2. You may have seen a few weeks back where we linked to Hoopism’s great video graphic of the slam dunk contest. Well, Samuel over at Cowboys RFF has done the same for historical OSU shots. It’s pretty awesome. (Cowboys RFF)

3. Eddie Sutton is finally going to be inducted into the hall of fame – A reader recently asked me to write a post about this explaining why he wasn’t in the HOF and I’m kind of glad I don’t need to now because I had about .5 good reasons. (Tulsa World)

4. Doug Gottlieb takes a few shots at the Cowboys – Just kidding, he makes some well-ascertained (and truthful) remarks about where OSU stands this year. Actually there’s a lot of good stuff in here, I might break it down further this afternoon… (News OK)

5. Here’s a really awesome look at the combine – You can sort by year, position, and workout type to see where Kendall Hunter stacks up against everyone else. In case you missed it, he posted a 4.53 average in the 40 (good for 9th among RBs), 24 reps on the bench (7th best), a 35″ vertical (9th best), and 10’2″ broad jump (4th best). (

6. Chatmon notes some players looking to make an impact this Spring – I think I’m most excited about Hedgepeth and Lowe, but maybe I just like young, athletic DBs. Actually I know I do. (News OK)]

7. Apparently this kid was in the house on Saturday to watch OSU take on Tech. He’s a big-shot, high-scoring PG from Cali looking to take over a starting job. Just what we need, another point guard! Also, I think he kind of looks like a cross between Greivis Vasquez and Cristiano Ronaldo. (Rivals)

8. OSU baseball team moves to 6-1 on the year – Another weekend, another sweep. As FreeMason10 pointed out, the most encouraging stat so far this year for a team done in by its pitching woes a year ago, is that 2.43 ERA. (

Quote to Note
Ladies and gentlemen your head men’s basketball coach, Travis Ford:

“We ran our offense well, but the numbers weren’t great, except for the percentages.”

Video(s) You Should Watch
Great Moses compilation for Senior Day tomorrow. Thanks to @adam_wk for linking me to this.

You Don’t Want to Miss
Good story in the LA times about the SDSU student section Q and I discussed on the podcast. Lastly, Greg McElroy murdered the Wonderlic and scouts think it’s to his detriment. Whaaaat?!

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