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The Oklahoma State Basketball Team Has their own #Hashtag



The official hashtag of the football team this offseason, #WTIB (We’re taking it back), was a mantra introduced that displayed the goals of the team and an area they aimed to improve on from last year. That area has been greatly improved on from last year, so it appears the basketball team has the same idea in mind.

The basketball squad has introduced a new hashtag that aims to spark their mindset going into the season, which should improve on their mindset from last year. The self-named “bad boys” from last year are keeping their focus on toughness this year.

The basketball mantra, #TNT, shouldn’t come as a surprise to OSU fans who know Travis Ford’s coaching style. #TNT – Which stands for “Togetherness and Toughness.”

If you have followed along on social media this offseason, you will have already noticed this team has gelled extremely well in non-basketball activities. Due to the lack of returning scorers this season, toughness will be required if this team is going to compete in the Big 12. “We’re counting on defense right now as we sit here today, Ford told the O’Colly earlier last week. “We’re counting on defensive rebounding to be our identity, and we’re going to figure out how to score some points.”

Perhaps the “togetherness and toughness” mantra will help spark a surprising run for a team picked to finish seventh in the preseason.

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