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The OSU all-name team

Zac, Dez, Mo, and the original Adrian Peterson all make the list.




I recently asked for some reader questions and RJ Young threw this jewel at me.

Terrific question, maybe my favorite one I got. Just to be transparent up front, I’m definitely going to whiff one a couple so take it easy on me and just kindly post yours in the comments section.

Some ground rules: You have to be at least somewhat memorable, not necessarily good, but memorable. “Zac Robinson” isn’t as cool if it’s the name of a backup wide receiver as it is on one of the three best QBs in school history.

Also, we aren’t going for length here, just badass-ness (to coin a very intelligent phrase my parents are surely proud of). Yep…that’s about it for the rules.

Off the top of my head, here’s my top 20 for football and hoops:[1. Of the modern era so let’s say since 1995 since that’s as far back as rosters are easily searchable].

1. TD Bryant: It’s honestly not that close.

2. Sky Rylant: Okay, maybe it’s closer than I thought.

3. Prentiss Elliot: Maybe the most unique name OSU has ever employed had.

4. Mo Baker: Just a simple, great name for a simple, great player. Possibly the best name-to-game match on this list.

5. BJ Tiger: I mean that’s an incredible name for anyone, much less a D1 quarterback. I wish he had worked out.

6. Dez Bryant: I love the one-name guys. Zac, Dez, Obi, Prentiss, TD, Tatum etc.

7. Jeremy Broadway: I might be pushing it with the “memorable” here but I can’t keep this name off the list. Plus he was sort of a tangential part of the amazing run of OSU receivers in the last decade and a half. I guess if you’re “sort of tangential” you’re not that important. Whatever…my list.

8. JamesOn Curry: This gets docked a little because there are still folks who don’t know how to pronounce it. But it gets bonus points because you can go one name with it like Dez.

9. Jamaal Fobbs: Underrated name to match his underrated career.

10. Adrian Peterson: The Original.

11. Kenyatta Wright: As a general rule I’m terrified of anyone named Kenyatta. That just screams 10 sacks a year and unrivaled punishment in the backfield.

12. RW McQuarters: One of the classic. I think if the 2114 version of me does this list, RW might still be on it.

13. Tommy Devereaux: You can do a lot with this. Tommy D, TD, or just the full Tommy Devereaux. Bonus points for a name that ends in “X” (looking at you, Ryan Perrileaux).

14. Le’Bryan Nash: Pretty underrated as a name. I’m not normally a fan of the seemingly random apostrophe but it works here for some reason.

15. Marcellus Rivers: Tremendous two-name name here. Some guys have great first names (Prentiss) and some guys have great last names (RW)…not many have good both names.

16. Obi Muonelo: I could be talked out of it, I suppose. He was just one of the first ones that came to mind.

17. Billy Bajema: Never has someone looked more like their name. Maybe Phil Forte.

18. Joe Randle: Very understated. Docked points because nobody outside of the program really called him Joe Randle that often. It’s far superior to “Joseph Randle.” Joseph Randle sounds like he does my taxes, Joe Randle sounds like he drops 155 on Texas with ease.

19. Zac Robinson: I don’t know if I could do it if it was “Zach.” I feel like the “Zac” really puts it over the top.

20. Jamar Ransom: A cousin of “Kenyatta Wright” — just all kinds of terrifying.

Honorable mention: Tatum Bell, Quinn Sharp, Melvin Sanders, Nigel Nicholas, Ugo Chinasa, Richetti Jones, Donovan Woods, Roderick Johnson, Torre Johnson, Antoine Broxsie, Bobby Reid, and Pagitte McGee.

Photo Attribution: USATSI

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