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The Stills/Blackmon Twitter “War”



Kenny Stills takes a few shots at Justin Blackmon

First of all I don’t believe an exchange of dialogue can be classified a “war” until there are shots fired from both sides (and I can pretty much guarantee that will not be happening). So for those of you who tweeted and/or retweeted that Kenny Stills and Justin Blackmon are in a Twitter war because of the conversation Stills had with Patrick Peterson yesterday, let’s not get carried away.

For those who missed the conversation (and it has since been deleted), here’s a good recap by the Oklahoman.

If you want my version, here it is: Patrick Peterson said “follow Justin Blackmon on Twitter, he’s the best WR in college football.” Stills responded by saying, “you mean Ryan Broyles is the best?” Peterson came back with (again I’m paraphrasing), “who has the Biletnikoff?” To which Broyles said three things: “Blackmon runs sloppy routes, Blackmon is all about deep balls, and Broyles has better receiver teammates.”

I have no idea what the last point has to do with anything between Blackmon or Broyles, and the first point (that Blackmon runs bad routes) is fair if not a fairly subjective matter. Although if true it kind of speaks more to the ceiling that has been lifted on Blackmon’s future more than anything. Stills hasn’t seen him play since last December (just like anyone else) so who’s to say he hasn’t improved this so called “sloppy footwork” to the point that it would take two Patrick Petersons to cover him?

The last thing though, about the deep balls. Let’s get our facts straight here. Last year on passes from 1-10 yards: Broyles 6.3 YPA | Blackmon 8.3 YPA.

Maybe Mr. Stills should take his talents to a statistics class this Fall.

Of course all of this was coming from the same person who yesterday tweeted that he was inspired by some work Stephen A. Smith had recently done so how seriously can we take any of it?

I’m also glad Blackmon hasn’t responded. There are worse ways to start your Junior year than letting the best defensive back in the NFL draft stand up for your greatness against your arch-rival’s players on a social media network.

Plus it leaves the door open for a little December shoutout to #4 on the north sidelines after a game-winner from Blackmon. And then I want someone in the postgame presser to ask Stills what kind of footwork is necessary to get your own extremity out of your mouth.

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