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These Dez Bryant High School Highlights Will Help Your Friday Mood

What a career.



Somehow it’s only been one week since pretty much everything shut down. It certainly feels like a lot longer than that.

Anyway, I’ve been on some rabbit trails this week, and some of them have been amazing. Not the least of which was a mini-Dez trail (often the easiest to find in our Oklahoma State ecosystem) of his high school highlights.

I stumbled upon these when I was researching some stuff for our “look at these past Mike Gundy classes” pieces, and boy … they are something. How Dez wasn’t a five-star is beyond me. What do you have to do to get that last star? Bench 1,000 pounds? Run a 3.9-second 40? Dez caught 37 TDs and had 2,200 yards in his final two seasons for Lufkin.

That Oklahoma State got him is still amazing to me and probably (definitely?) the peak coup in the Mike Gundy era.

The seven best parts of this video …

1. Dez in purple spats.
2. The poor fella jumping at 1:10 after him (lol).
3. The run at 1:35. I’ve seen all of those moves before.
4. That it has 1.3M views.
5. The catch at 4:23. Do what?
6. How big everybody’s shoulder pads are.
7. Dez running the option (!) at 5:50.

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