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Top 10 Comments: Pittsburgh Cowboys Excites OSU Fan Base



I’m really proud of you guys. I encouraged you to show more love to your fellow commenters and I noticed a big difference this week. There were multiple comments that received 5, 6, or 7 upvotes and just barely missed the cut.

As always, click on the number of upvotes a comment received to take you directly to the original comment and article. This is one of my favorite parts of the week; I hope you all enjoy!

No. 1 – Setting a Troll Straight

You’ll find the troll below in most recruiting articles. It can be annoying for sure, but he —  she? — only has as much power/influence as you let them have. Most of the interaction with this commenter is very funny.

Troll: Doubt he goes to Osu
Taylor: Really?? Dang. What about Dax? What did Dax tell you about his recruiting? Also, can you talk to Boynton so you can let us know who isn’t committing to play basketball? Thanks! You taking time to comment on this fun, internet website is really helpful for all of us who want to have enjoyable days but need to be reminded of how the internet brings out the absolute worst in people.
P.S. I speak for everyone who reads this stuff as casual fans who just want to keep up with our alma mater when I say we’d appreciate you to kindly stop trying to upset people the way a 12 year old tries to upset people. (13 Upvotes)

No. 2 – Rudolph➡Washington➡Stillwater➡ Pittsburgh?

I saw a fan at the Spring Game wearing a Steelers shirt; turned out he is a lifelong fan, and it was really cool to talk with him about continuing to cheer on #Rudolph2Washington. They gained a fan in me too.

Arkady Vachon: What a plan by the Steelers. Get them both! They just gained a fan (13 Upvotes)

No. 3 – Steeler Nation is Happy

Maybe I spoke to Sherlock at the Spring Game?

Sherlock Ohms: Best! Draft! Ever! My NFL Team took Rudolph2Washington!!!(11 Upvotes)

No. 4 – Draft “Guru” on Steelers’ Draft Class

Mel Kiper is actually really good at his job, but this is silly. “They didn’t draft very well, but if these players turn out to be successful then they drafted really well.”

Sean: ESPN’s draft guru Mel Kiper gave the Steeler’s overall draft class a C+ grade in his immediate reaction. He notes that the rating could change drastically if Rudolph and Washington turn into what we hope they will.

Seriously? Is he getting paid for this? I guess it doesn’t take much to be a “Guru” at ESPN. (10 upvotes)

No. 5 – Steelers Nation Continuing to Grow

We all would’ve liked to see one of them go in the first round, but who can be upset about both of them landing in Pittsburgh? I guess if your favorite NFL team isn’t the Steelers and also resides in the AFC North.

Troy: It would have been nice for Rudolph and Washington to go in the first round, but it is far out weighed by the fact they get to keep playing together. And I have just became a huge Steelers fan.(9 Upvotes)

No. 6 – Oklahoma State Recruiting is Underrated

This comment is laced with salt, but I sympathize with SingingCowboy’s points. OSU is not given the proper respect by many recruiting sites. That’s why you should pay extra close attention to what our recruiting “guru” Kyle Boone has to say ?. (Ed. note: Check’s in the mail, Jacob Keep ’em comin’.)

SingingCowboy: The 247Sports Composite guidelines for Oklahoma State offers:
In-state recruits: If Oklahoma has offered, or if you think Oklahoma may offer, then predict an OU commitment until signing day, even if the recruit has committed to Oklahoma State.
Lone-star state recruits: Follow this hierarchy…
* If OU or Texas have offered the same athlete, you may pick one or the other as the leading candidate. If only one has offered, then that school is the obvious choice.
* If OU or Texas have not offered, then preference will be given to TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, and most likely SMU, unless the athlete is an under-recruited 3-star recruit, with a composite rating of less than .85. In this case the athlete MAY actually want to attend OSU, but make that prediction at your own risk.
* If Texas A&M has offered, predict a commitment to the Aggies. This is especially true if the athlete has previously committed to Oklahoma State.
General rules:
* Arkansas offers, go with Arkansas.
* SEC school offers, go with SEC school. (We know this may sound redundant, but it is Arkansas.)
* Pick Oklahoma State with confidence only if the athlete’s other offers are from non-Power 5 schools outside of the state of Texas. Special exception – if the recruit’s home town has a population of less than 1,000, AND if the recruit likes to farm, hunt, or fish, then OSU may be the top choice as long as TTU has not offered. (9 Upvotes)

No. 7 – Chris Carson is a Massive Individual

Kelly Porter: Chris Carson. Scary. That man is a hospital bill waiting to happen. If I saw him coming I would fall in front of him and pray he tripped over me.(9 Upvotes)

No. 8 – #Dax2Stillwater

I was really expecting “It’s 2:37am and OU STILL SUCKS!” But, yeah, I want Dax to commit to OSU also. Real quick: we keep talking about Dax committing and playing with Justice here in Stillwater, but what if Justice declares for the NFL draft? What leverage do we have left compared to Ohio State, Texas, and, dare I say, Oklahoma?

Isiah Smith: It’s 2:37 am and I wish Dax Hil was committed to oSu. (9 Upvotes)

No. 9 – James Washington: A True Success Story

Hello again Sherlock. I can’t wait to see what The President can do in the NFL.

Sherlock Ohms:I’m so happy for this man! From a two star recruit to Biletnikoff winner to playing in the NFL. I hope he has a long and happy career. The dude definitely deserves it.(9 Upvotes)

No. 10 – Proud Poppa

Go back and watch the video again. It gets me every time. An incredibly intimate and special moment that we are lucky to witness.

Colin A Bishe:Regarding #10, his dad looking at him proudly is what got me more than James’ reaction. It’s a “I don’t even know how to tell you how proud I am” kind of look.(8 Upvotes)

Underrated/My Favorites

I don’t hate this idea!

guest:Let’s just play 4 guards.
VACowboy:Be quite Travis!
zachattachone:Cam at the 5. #DeathLineup Seriously though, if you have the guys and most importantly the correct offensive system, playing 4 guards can work. It has been working for KU and Villanova.

I don’t hate this idea either! You know Jelani has to be a baller if he’s versatile enough to be a QB and a TE.

Pistol Rick:Well if tight end doesn’t work out for Jelani, Mikey B may have a spot for him. 

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