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NCAA Football: Texas at Texas A&MPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

The absurd early August USA Today top 25 poll came out at the end of last week. OSU is ranked a respectable #19, right within the range I thought they should have been ranked.

Below is a table with all the ranked Big 12 teams along with a ranking range I feel would be justifiable for each squad….

[table id=3 /]

Why is OU #4? Seriously, why? Landry couldn’t throw it through a tire deployed by Halliburton after Broyles went down last year and their talent this year seems half real and half theoretical. I’m not saying OSU’s better than them…but 4th? Come on.

They should be ranked right next to West Virginia.

Texas at #15 is stupid also[1. Vince Young is not walking through those doors!!]. Again, not saying OSU is going to be better but unless Colt switches places with Case without anyone knowing (and nobody in Cleveland would know) then a ranking this high isn’t justifiable.

Thumbs up on TCU and OSU. Cowboys could have sneaked into the top 12 if freshmen QBs weren’t treated like materials from the Manhattan Project [2. With extreme caution].

I ride with Dana on Kansas State, they’re good. The schedule is brutal but #21, six spots behind of Texas is unacceptable. If you can’t believe in a guy who wears decade-old Holiday Bowl jackets in the biggest game of the year, then what can you believe in?!

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