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Top Comments: Perhaps the Greatest Comment Ever?

A legendary comment was levied last week.



Let’s dive into the best comments from over the last week.

On 10 Thoughts from the TCU Game

Sherlock Ohms: I still believe in Gundy. He’s coached us to the greatest era of football we’ve had but if he wants to keep building on that success, and keep his job, he has to change. Special teams is God Awful and has been for a couple seasons. Knowing that, he had no reason to hire a second defensive line coach and not a special teams coach. (36 upvotes)

Sherlock. Freaking. Ohms. While my tenure digging through the comments at PFB hasn’t been ages, I have seen some pretty great comments over the last four months. But never have I seen a comment reach 36 upvotes. Not even close! This comment is like the Golden State Warriors 73-win season. It just doesn’t happen. So thank you. Now to its context.

There’s a reason the upvotes poured in. I think you are spot on, Sherlock. First, fans should remember that a set-back in 2018 had been expected years ago. Looking at the composition of the roster over the past three years, it was clear that experience would be leaving after 2017 and a rebuilding year would ensue. Therefore, calling for Gundy’s head is a little crazy to me.

At the same time, as you mentioned, special teams is a controllable facet of the game, regardless of talent. Discipline and focus are the two main features of a team excelling in special teams. I’d like to see Oklahoma State focus on that in the offseason.

More from Sherlock on 10 Thoughts

Sherlock Ohms: Knowles didn’t have a great first season but I think he should get at least one more before anyone starts calling for his job. He’s done a good job of getting pressure on Quarterbacks the entire season and he made great halftime adjustments in the OU and WVU games. If he can recruit and cut down on stupid penalties I think he, and the defense, will be fine. (36 upvotes)

The content from Sherlock was great, so it warranted separating portions aside for another comment.

This was a perplexing first year for Knowles. First, the defense has been near the apex of college football in sack totals. But there have been very few takeaways. Second, in several big time games (OU, WVU, Texas), the defense played great in one half and then really struggled in another. It will be interesting to see how Knowles’ defense evolves with a year under its belt in 2019.

On JD King Transferring from Oklahoma State

Clint: Pretty full stable of backs. Wish him all the best, though! (18 upvotes)

The King transfer isn’t a huge shock given the sophomore’s given the rise of Chuba. But he may be someone the Cowboys miss if Justice Hill takes his talents to Sundays following his junior season.

On Gundy Poking Fun at Les Miles, the New Kansas Football Coach

Brian Cassens: Gundy and Miles should have played each other back in 2011 (16 upvotes)

Keep the salt out of the wounds, Brian.

On Tylan Wallace as a Biletnikoff Finalist

CowboyinKansas: Holy cow. Justin Blackmon. I sometimes forget how ridiculously talented that guy was …. He had some great games in the NFL when he wasn’t suspended (13 upvotes)

Kyle Boone wrote about Justin Blackmon’s legendary performance in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl against Stanford earlier this year. It’s still difficult to fathom just how explosive he was. The Pokes have been blessed with great receivers over the last few years. Washington, Ateman, Tyron, Tylan just to name a few. None come close to the speed and strength of Blackmon, in my opinion.

OSU been blessed with the luxury of deep ball, or jump ball, threats with the list of names above. But how many of them could take a slant route in traffic and then glide 70 yards to the house? It was just too easy for Blackmon in Stillwater.

On the Pokes Victory over Memphis in the Advocare Invitational

looking up: And Penny Hardaway got to shake Coach Mike Boynton’s hand!!! There, I corrected the announcers. (10 upvotes)


One of my favorite things about Boynton is his willingness to accept responsibility for his team’s failures, but to immediately point to his players in times of success. He is humble, hard-working, and a great leader for this Cowboy basketball team.

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