Travis Ford Hires Phil Forte as Grad Assistant at SLU

Written by Thomas Fleming

Former Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford has hired former OSU guard Phil Forte as a graduate assistant at St. Louis University.

The St. Louis Billikens finished 11-21 in Ford’s first season, but with four-star guard Jordan Goodwin coming in as a freshman and another four-star guard Carte’Are Gordon committed for next season, the Billikens could compete at the top of the Atlantic 10 Conference in the future.

Forte left Oklahoma State as the school’s career leader in made three-point shots and shot 48 percent from three in Big 12 play last season. He had 24 20-point games in his four-year career, and he finishes as the Cowboys’ sixth-leading all-time scorer.





  • Chris Baker

    I hope he listens to everything Ford has to say about recruiting, and plugs his ears whenever Ford talks Xs and Os.

    • Forever 14

      Agreed. Good recruiter, mediocre-at-best coach.

    • Pistols Fired!!

      I disagree to a point… Ford heavily recruits GUARDS… but doesn’t get them the same quality players to ‘general’ on the floor. From the article, it would seem he is still at it. Smaller conferences, the guard play alone might get you there. I am glad and not at all surprised by the hire. Ford always liked players and coaches he can look UP to!! ;-]

  • Joyce Taylor

    I’m surprised Phil isn’t giving European league a spin, but best wishes to him in his coaching career. Class guy!!

    • Jack Middleton

      Way to go Phil. Gosh, I just remembered, I’m also an alum of SLU. I couldn’t be happier. Ford is my second all-time favorite OSU basketball coach (I was there during Mr. Iba’s time). Go Pokes AND Billikens. I’m one of the rare Pokes that knows what a Billekin is! Best of luck, Travis and Phil.

    • BBJD

      He talked about how exhausted he was at the end of last season and how his path forward was coaching. Phil mentioned that at his size playing basketball against these larger guys wore him down.

  • David Einstein

    This is awesome for Phil.

  • Alec M

    This is not surprised based on how much Forte and Ford’s soon hang out together. They are in the same Instagram photos almost every post