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Tuesday Poll Question: With Pokes Headed to NIT, Do You Care about NCAAs?



Oklahoma State will play on Tuesday evening in front of the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately they’re playing Round 1 of the NIT instead of the play-in game for the NCAA Tournament. I know we’re all still interested in Mike Boynton and the Pokes so my question is whether you’re still interested in the NCAA Tournament.

It has been such a marker in my life as a sports fan over the years. From Bryce Drew to Kris Jenkins, there have been so many memories. Steph Curry, Wally Szczerbiak, Northern Iowa, Dunk City. I loved it as a kid. I love it as an adult.

So I know which way I’m voting in this one, but I’m curious to see if the hatred for the NCAA and this event runs as deep as some of OSU fans’ other targets (Kirk Herbstreit, Sports Illustrated, etc.)

Results later in the week.

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