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Tulsa Coach Philip Montgomery Calls 2017 OSU Gundy’s Most Talented Team



Tulsa head football coach Philip Montgomery discussed his upcoming game with the Oklahoma State Cowboys this week in his weekly press conference. He was quite liberal with his adulation for the Pokes.

“Obviously Coach Gundy has done a marvelous job there,” said Montgomery. “What is it, five out of the last seven years, they’ve had 10-win seasons. I’ve had the opportunity to go against them in a couple different occasions.

“The one thing I’ll say about their football team this year is I think it’s probably the most talented I’ve ever faced with him as the head coach there. They have a ton of weapons offensively. They have a ton of experience offensively.”

He also mentioned moving Tre Flowers around and how that’s going to make the defense more successful.

“We know we have our hands full,” he added. “Anytime you go to Stillwater, great environment. I know the paddles will be beating against the side, and there’s not much room on the sideline. What an exciting matchup to kick off the college football season.”

I honestly think Oklahoma State could be playing the writers here at PFB and people would think it’s an exciting matchup. Such is the college football offseason.

But unlike the writers here at PFB, Tulsa actually has some talent. And Gundy warned fans looking for an easy first 60 minutes that Montgomery is a stud and will have them ready to roll.

“I think he has been the driving force for what they’ve had down there, when he took over and what he has done to that Tulsa program,” said Gundy last week.

“They’re very good, but I would caution everybody, as I’ve done with our defense, in that there haven’t been many rollover years with him. With his calling plays and running offenses at other schools where he was at, there would be a group of guys leave and people thought, ‘OK. Now they’ll settle down,’ but that wasn’t the case and they went out and got 5,000 yards with some new guys.”

Gundy went on to say that he wants Tulsa and OU to win every game they play except for the one against Oklahoma State. Last year, all three won a combined 31 games which is insane. That’s unlikely to happen again, although somebody will get win No. 1 on Thursday night.

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