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Tweets From The Tech Game (Part II)



In case you missed Part I from last night, here it is. On to Part II:

Misspelled Weeden there, but lol.


This destroyed me.



I have no idea what this means but I laughed.



It was yesterday…



Haha this was in response to @okc_dave wondering if Tech leads the country in trash floating across the field…


On Weeden…


Was vying for tweet of the day for a while.

The defense sucks.


Picture of that guy here.

My followers were big fans of Gilbert’s orange sleeves.


This was the second best tweet I got about Tech’s shoulder pad pattern.




Not decent.


We all do.


He would know.


Heh, good stuff as always from Haisten.


More lol.


Great stat here.


Even better one here.


More updates coming throughout the day.

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