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Two Stats That Show Why Oklahoma State Runs the (Sometimes Frustrating) Offense It Does

Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.



I’ve written ad nauseam about Mike Gundy, Mike Yurcich (Mike & Mike) and this Oklahoma State offensive philosophy, but as I was reading through the game notes for OSU’s K-State tilt this weekend, I saw two stats that really emphasize what I’ve been saying and sort of back up what Mike & Mike are trying to do.

Here are those two stats.

  1. Dating back to the 2008 season, the Cowboys have won 40 of their last 42 games when winning the turnover battle.
  2. Dating back to 2005, the Cowboys have won 22 consecutive games when not committing a turnover.

I think we can all agree that OSU currently runs an offense that is adamant about not creating turnovers and a defense that feeds on them (with Glenn Spencer, this might be literal). The evidence is pretty compelling that this is smart, no matter how frustrating not opening the offense up might be.

It’s been drilled into Mason Rudolph’s head so deep I’m fearful we might have a Manchurian Candidate situation on our hands.

“We just have to cut down on the turnovers,” said Rudolph on Monday for the fourth Monday media day in a row. “I still have to improve and be able to make plays in situations and I can’t put the ball on the ground. That’s a no no.”

He’s right, of course, and maybe Mike & Mike aren’t wrong for pulling the reins back on this O. It’s not viscerally appealing, but those guys don’t get paid because plays or games look pretty.

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