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Tylan Wallace Pens Emotional Letter to Twin Brother in Uninterrupted Video Essay

Just beautiful.



Tylan Wallace penned a letter to his twin brother Tracin in an emotional video essay that aired on the Uninterrupted platform on Wednesday, and I’ve got just three words to offer in advance of viewing it: Grab a Kleenex.

The two have been inseparable from birth as twins, teammates and as best friends. I thought Tylan perfectly captured their relationship and the fork in the road for their upcoming journey, as he heads to the NFL.

“Dear Tracin, we made it. It’s here now. We’ve been inseparable since birth, but we knew this day would eventually come,” Tylan wrote. “A bittersweet moment.”

“So here we go brother,” he continued. “Our paths are taking a turn. Even though we won’t be physically together, you’ll still forever be by my side.”

The two arrived on OSU’s campus together in 2017 as the headliners for a highly touted incoming freshman class: Tylan as a four-star receiver and Tracin — a three-star athlete — as a quarterback and receiver. And while Tracin’s career was derailed by knee injuries before it ever really took off, the two still shared a bond through football over the years, with Tylan continuing to star in Stillwater and Tracin eventually assuming a role as a player-coach. And through ACL injuries, rehab, success and adversity, they remained as close as ever.

“Their closeness is something they share with each other,” Mandi Moore, their mother, told in a feature story last fall. “It’s a little private. They don’t always let the rest of the world in on it.”

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