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WATCH: Brad Underwood Crushes Introductory Press Conference



Brad Underwood crushed his opening press conference. Here’s the entire thing if you want to watch it. I have also blogged some of his quotes below the video. Walk off opener.

Underwood speaking starts at 38:40.

Brad Underwood

“Thank you very much. I can’t reiterate how much it means to me to have the Ibas here. This day means a great deal to me. It’s actually a dream come true.”

“When this process happened, my dreams came true. [Gallagher-Iba] is the greatest arena in America.”

“Bill Self hosted me when I visited Oklahoma State. I always told him he wasn’t a great recruiter or he could have gotten me here.”

“I remember telling Frank Martin, ‘wait until you go to Gallagher-Iba. It’s the loudest place I’ve ever played in.'”

“I didn’t have any interest anywhere else. I knew this is where I wanted to be. My wife confirmed that yesterday when we were driving around and she said, ‘this feels like home.'”

“This takes everybody. It’s not about me, it’s not about [the team]. Tradition and culture are the two hardest things. We have to make this miserable for our opponents. I want some of your best memories … to happen in this building.”

“I look forward to traveling this state because it’s about relationships.”

“Losing is not an option. We’re going to work. We’re going to play for the name on the front of the uniform. I use the word love a lot. I can’t promise wins … but we’re going to guard. We’re going to rebound. We’re going to make life tough as hell for everybody we play.”

“I’m a big dreamer. I never stopped dreaming.”

“I’ll do anything for our students. You get out and do as many speaking things as you can. If I can’t go out and have the opportunity to speak to a group and I expect them to travel to our games … shame on me.”

“I’m going in excited as heck about the talent that’s here. We’re going to test ourselves.”

“There are challenges in place when you don’t have culture and you don’t have tradition. This fits who I am and who my wife is.”

Larry Reece opens up

“This is a great day for Oklahoma State University right here. An historic day in this historic arena. Big Country was so fired up he tweeted.”

Regent Joe Hall

“We met with Brad on Monday. We were all extremely impressed. We left knowing we had hired the right person to lead us back to the top.”

Mike Holder

“There’s 51 banners here. There’s a lot of history here. There’s a lot of tradition here. A lot of meaningful things happened here.”

“”We’re all going to be in this together. We’re going to fill this place back up. If you don’t have everybody on the same page pulling together, it’s impossible to win. I want to feel joy when I walk in this arena again.”

“I think what you see on this court will be a living, breathing representation of what you see behind the scenes.”

“There’s no guarantees. The most important thing is that you’re hiring a man. You’re hiring a leader. You want to find out about his personal qualities. Players aren’t a commodity, they’re a treasure.”

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