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Mike Gundy Laments Loss to CMU, Explains 11-2 Alamo Bowl Rings



Mike Gundy’s ESPN car wash experience started Thursday evening and early again on Friday with lighthearted mullet talk, but by his 9:30 appearance on First Take Friday the ESPN talking heads were into much more serious discussion that had OSU’s head man revisiting the Central Michigan debacle from 2016.

Gundy explained that the decision to toss the ball out of bounds was a situational decision that was made when he called plays back in 2008-2009 in scenarios where there are five seconds or less. But when there was a discussion about whether the play should have awarded CMU an untimed down, Gundy admitted he wasn’t 100 percent confident in his knowledge of the rulebook — and he still kicks himself about it.

“Where I failed was, I didn’t know the rules well enough — the book is this thick [stretches arms!] — people can say what they want, but not everybody knows all the rules,” said Gundy. “I thought I did but I wasn’t able to say ‘I know that rule is wrong.’ And we let the play happen. That’s what is hard to get out of your mind because the guys won the game. They won 11 games last year. I put 11 wins on their rings. Somebody asked ‘well how do you do that?’ I said ‘I paid for ’em, so I can do whatever I want.'”

Gundy badger in rare form is truly a sight to behold, and when Gundy badger don’t care, we get excellent television like this to fill up your Friday before the weekend.

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