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Week 10 Prop Bets



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It might seem that I have a minor crush on this Kansas State team, and in all honesty, I do. By no means do I want them to beat us Saturday night, but if they do, I’m all in for the Wildcats getting to the title game.

I’m not sure what it is about this team. Maybe it’s because they won 10 games last year, brought back everyone, still had to prove themselves to everyone, and they have. They’re gamers (keyword: they’re because, as you’ll find out Saturday, this team is not just Collin Klein).

1) OSU +9.5 at Kansas State

I thought this would start at 14. Am I giving the Wildcats too much credit or am I not believing in OSU as much as I should? The 2011 argument against K-State that they won too many close games doesn’t apply in 2012. Just ask Al Golden, Charlie Weis, Tommy Tuberville or Dana.

2) Over/Under total distance of Quinn Sharp’s two longest field goals: 73

Bill Snyder was born October 7, 1939 – 73 years ago.

3) Over/Under total scores for OSU (TDs, field goals, safeties, etc.): 5.2

Collin Klein averages 5.2 yards per carry, as well as two touchdowns per game…on the ground. If you’re wondering, he has 12 TDs through the air, has completed 70.9% of his passes and has only thrown two interceptions. Collin Klein is good at football.

4) Which will be greater: Klein’s rushing TDs or the number of OSU crutches on the sidelines?

This prop bet brought to you by @Shook_Knight. In case you have forgotten, Klein rushed for 144 yards and 3 touchdowns last year in Stillwater. Their playcalling in the red zone in the final minutes of that game still has my mind blown. For real, I want to believe in the Cowboys but I’ve seen our pass rushers run by opposing QBs too many times which ends up in an attempt to get an arm on him as he scurries outside the pocket. Arm tackling Klein won’t work.

5) Over/Under on the age of Snyder’s windbreaker: 12 years

How awesome is this old man? Please, please be the over. This is yet another prop bet brought to you by @Shook_Knight.

6) If offered you 1000:1 odds on there being an earthquake in Manhattan at some point during this game, would you take the bet?

Thanks to @reubenthomas for the earthquake suggestion. Surely you haven’t forgotten about this.

7) Which will be greater: Kansas State’s turnover margin over OSU or number of rushing TDs for Joseph Randle?

K-State is 5th in the nation in turnover margin, partially because they don’t turn the ball over, but they’re also tied for 15th nationally in turnovers gained. If you’re wondering where OSU ranks in turnover margin, we’re right between Troy and Kentucky.

8) Over/Under on the longest play from scrimmage for OSU: 60 yards.

Your first thought will be, “Surely our offense will hit on at least one big play.” Then you look at the numbers of our previous games and realize we have only broken the 60-yard play mark in three of our seven games (Texas, Kansas & Iowa State).

9) The over/under total: 66 points.

This is the number at but Kansas State is 5th and OSU is 6th in scoring offense (nationally). But be aware, this is the best defense OSU has seen up to this point in the season and OSU might have the best defense Kansas State will have faced outside of OU.

10) Will Eric Stonestreet make an appearance on TV at the game?

Easily my favorite Kansas State alum, but the only others that immediately come to mind are Darren Sproles and Michael Bishop. If you’re not familiar with Stonestreet, I highly recommend you start watching Modern Family.

You can make your free prop bet picks here.

Oh and here’s a short Modern Family/Stonestreet/Football clip for you.


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