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Weekend Bullets: Gilbert wanted to show Sanders ‘how it’s done’

Barry dishes on being back, Glenn Spencer not pleased with performance, and some great pics from Saturday’s game.



Justin Gilbert on Barry Sanders getting to see his kick return: “I wanted to show him how it’s done in the new school.” (O’Colly)

Some great pics from Saturday. (NewsOK)

Barry on the crowd: “Gosh, where were these people 25 years ago?” Also says his pops wanted him to go to TU. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the Barry Sanders locker room speech. It’s really cool. (PFB)

Tracy Moore: “You wouldn’t want it any other way. This is why I came back (for a fifth season). Last year, we lost early, didn’t have much to play for. Now there’s everything to play for.” Great stuff from Berry. (NewsOK)

Hart Lee Dykes on himself: “So imagine if I’d played in a four-receiver set. The records would be unattainable.” (O’Colly)

LSU t-rex guy was spectacular. (Deadspin)

Haha, Brandon Chatmon thinks OSU needs “a Ben-and-Jerry’s-type approach.” (ESPN)

CBS thinks OSU will be No. 12 today. [tries not to think about where it would be if not for the egg in Morgantown]. (CBS Sports)

Gundy: “Offensively, we were good at times and very sluggish at times. We have a lot of work ahead of us.” (Fox SW)

Really good idea here to quote fans on Barry. Great stuff. (NewsOK)

Not to sully the 8-1 thing but Roland’s yards per carry hasn’t been great lately. I guess we’ll find out next week how for real he is. (Big 12 Sports)

Peterson on his pick: “I saw him running a fade, so I tried to get over there and cut him off. I heard the crowd get loud and saw his eyes get wide, so I turned and looked for the ball and it was there. So I went up and got it.” (Tulsa World)

10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

Barry on 1988: “I remember thinking, ‘Gosh, we don’t have Thurman (Thomas) anymore. What are we gonna do?'” (NewsOK)

OMG, Kansas hasn’t scored more than 20 against an FBS opponent in a year! Schematic advantage! (Tulsa World)

Tracy Moore: “Wins and losses can fool you.” I think that’s really true, probably more so than we give it credit for. (NewsOK)

Good review of the week in the Big 12 by Ubbs. I’m with him, not sure how anybody beats Baylor. (Fox SW)

Glenn Spencer, never happy. Here he is on turnovers: ““We had one, which was disappointing, we need to get more.” (O’Colly)

This O’Colly front page is so great. (NewsOK)

More pics. I want that polo Barry was wearing. (Flickr)

Quite an article on Barry by Berry. Must read. (NewsOK)

Good college football weekend roundup. Dancing Baylor guys is…something. (Fox SW)

I’m in love with WVU’s throwback helmets. (CBS Sports)

Cowgirls playing for the Big 12 title today, by the way. (okstate)

This is cool.

Kansas highlights.

Gundy presser.

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