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Weekend Bullets: Now who’s the best QB in the Big 12?

Kye gonna Kye, Ahmad Dixon’s dreams go poof, Chelf righteous, Spencer couldn’t be any more giddy.




Gundy on Chelf: “I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplished. He’s been a good leader and he does it quiet. He’s been humbled, and for that he’s had success.” (Fox SW)

Berry says Chelf could play his was into the first team all-conference spot. Wowza. (NewsOK)

Good call on OSU’s strategy here from Ubben. Pokes sold out to stop the run and dared Petty to beat them. He couldn’t. (Fox SW)

A day that began with Corso donning Pistol Pete’s head, and shooting off his firearms, ended with even more revelry. (NewsOK)

Briles with a gem here on OSU: “Without question there are rodeos, and this is not their first one.” (Scout)

Here’s an unreal GIF of Kye Staley dancing in the locker room. And Chelf pulling a Miley. (PFB)

Simply put, it was Gundy’s finest hour in what might be the finest coaching effort of his nine seasons. OSU looked as ready as it has ever looked for a monster game. (Tulsa World)

Brent wonders who the Heisman trophy candidate is. (NewsOK)

Wow, more folks who are in on Chelf over Petty. I mean, certainly he was better last night but Petty has been pretty dang good this year. (B/R)

On why (and how) OSU unleashed Kye Staley. He said “it felt like high school.” (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State could check in as high as No. 7 this morning. Should it be ahead of Baylor? They both have one loss, but whose was worse?[1. This is why polls are the silliest.] (CBS Sports)

Some great pics from Saturday night. (Flickr)

Here’s the Gundy dance. (PFB)

Ahmad Dixon: “We wanted something that’s never been done before and that was to win a national championship. That dream came down.” Hard. Also, can I get a quote from somebody in green and gold saying “hey, OSU was just better than us”? (Big 12 Sports)

Ok, here’s that quote from Briles: “Oklahoma State played extremely well and had a lot of energy and made plays when they needed them. We did things you can’t do at home or on the road, and you dang sure can’t do them against a good team on the road. They’re a good football team, and that’s why you had the outcome that happened tonight.” (Waco Tribune)

Here are the Oklahoman photos. Some jewels in there. (NewsOK)

Caleb Lavey: “The Baylor offense deserved to get the pub it was getting. So being able to keep them off the board in touchdowns until the fourth quarter says a lot about this defense. Our defense did a great job.” (ESPN)

10 thoughts from me. (PFB)

This is pretty, pretty good. I submitted CHELF, RIGHTEOUS which Berry kinda used also.

For all intents and purposes, when Petty fell on his face, so did Baylor’s hopes to earn a BCS title game berth and, quite possibly, its dreams of securing its first-ever Big 12 championship. (ESPN)

OSU, straight As. (Tulsa World)

Daytawion Lowe: “We’re never surprised to play good. That’s the way we prepare. We prepare to come in here and do good and dominate.” He also says about last year “we beat them down there” which, if he means OSU should have won last year, that’s not something I think I need him saying. (NewsOK)

And you guys thought it was cold in Stillwater! (CBS Sports)

Some amazing stats here. That was the third-largest margin of defeat for a BCS top four team…ever. (ESPN)

Gundy: “I thought we had a really good game plan. When you play in front of a crowd like this, and you get on a roll, sometimes that can happen.” (O’Colly)

Here’s’ Gundy breaking it down (not like that) with the GameDay guys.

Highlights of the game (there are a lot of them)..

Full Gundy presser.

Feels pretty right to post this (start at 0:22) — “all your dreams..”

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