What did the Tech fan say?

I want that other text!

  • willham

    Fan didn’t seem all that sorry in the video, more like a smug “mission accomplished” look than anything resembling regret. Superman Orr should be banned from arena if he’s calling other players the n-word to their faces on national tv.

    • willham

      Superfan. Darned auto correct.

  • jane

    News is saying Orr told Marcus to go back to Africa.

    • MarcusFan

      Is that n word level or more or less egregious? It is clearly racist….

    • Darryl

      OSU radio reported Smart said Orr called him the N-word.

    • jane

      I’m not sure we’re ever going to really know. It’s going to come down to a case of he said/fat old hillbilly said.

  • turd ferguson

    that’s the problem with old rich alumni… the sense of entitlement. Orr should be suspended from games as long as Smart is. Sorry but I support Marcus Smart on this one. Yeah he lost his temper and needs to be a bigger man than that loser fan. Texas Tech must respond to this as well and discipline their fan base.

    • Moreno_JT

      This fan has a long reputation (at least according to John Lucas III) of saying vile things to teenage/20ish young men he doesn’t know personally. I think this Orr dude needs to be banned for life. Going to basketball games and verbally assaulting someone who’s your son’s or grandson’s age is not something an institution of higher learning should tolerate.

  • Debra Grant

    I think the fan is at fault, you are there to observe the game not become a part of it. And some people can read lips you know. We know what you said.

  • Kiel Werner

    What did the fan say.. sounds like what does the fox say.