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What’s In Blackmon’s Backpack?



On the field it’s obvious – Kevin Durant and Justin Blackmon are two otherworldly talent who seemingly toy with their peers in such a way that make you question record books and sports history as it stands. Blackmon IS our KD in terms of the statistical anomaly that was his first great season and since KD didn’t stick around for his second season I have no idea what to expect from #81 this year. Really, anything is in play.

But I’m not talking about on the field (or the court) because, well, that’s kind of an obvious collegiate comparison.

On Saturday after the game one of my readers pointed out that Blackmon had gone all Durant on us with his backpack in tow to the postgame press conference.

To my knowledge nobody has asked Blackmon what’s in his pack yet and since this is Oklahoma and we’re all fascinated with the tote bags of our superstar athletes I figured we should break their press conference approaches down Zapruder-film-style:

Notice the snap-across KD’s sporting in this first picture. Either OKC is more heavily infested with gang activity than when I was last there or he doesn’t think the spotlight is the only thing Russell Westbrook wants to steal from him.

Sorry, I had to 🙂

Do we have a firm answer to the question, “why does KD always button his top button?” The only three people I’ve ever seen do this are him, Tiger, and Bubba Watson.

Snap-across removed, so we know he’s not in Memphis or Atlanta. Either that or he took his iPad and Bible out of his backpack and put them somewhere safe, like in Byron Mullens’ warmups since he never takes them off.

The young fella is trying but he’s got a long way to go. First of all, what’s the deal with the Eufala tank? If it’s a shout to Lee Roy Selmon, who played there (and died on Sunday) then Blackmon is a lot cooler than any of us realize. I like the casual no strap-across as if to say, “hey, this ain’t The U, I’m not hiding anything in here.” And the headphones are a nice look, KD goes Skull Candy headphones in his interviews sometimes (why do I know this?) but since the nice ones run $150 a pop I’d expect something much more collegiate from Blackmon, like JVC or Koss.

What we learned: Blackmon is about as KD of an athlete as OSU is going to have in the next 10-15 years. I love the backpack, I love the headphones, I love playing “guess what’s in Blackmon’s backpack” all year, and I love this team.

Oh, and any guess as to what #81 is storing in his backpack are welcome in the comments below…

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