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Why Phil Forte Studied Steph Curry This Summer

Other than the obvious reasons.



Hoops is back. I know that disgusts some of you on the “fire Ford and burn his house down” bandwagon, but that’s all right because we’re still going to cover it, still going to celebrate the good times and still going to hope for those one or two moments a season when GIA rocks like she’s supposed to.

Anyway, Phil Forte spoke to the media on Monday and noted that he studied a lot of Steph Curry this summer which, you know, seems like an appropriate person to be studying for a basketball player in 2015.

“Just how creative he is and ways he can shoot the three off the dribble,” said Forte. “Whether it’s an off the ball screen, just creating little space, it’s just things like that to help expand my game.”

He’s going to need to create plenty off the dribble this year.

“What we have to figure out right now is who’s going to score the ball, how they’re going to score it and where they’re going to score it,” said head coach Travis Ford. “We don’t know that yet.”

“This summer, we’ve used the analogy of Stephen Curry for him,” Ford said. “How he creates his own shots and gets guys off balance and maybe have to shoot step-backs and different things.”

“There are so many things I can learn from him,” Forte said. “He’s a smaller guy playing in the NBA; I’m a smaller guy playing in the Big 12, so there are a lot of things I can pick up on — floaters, step-backs, just the way he can get his shot off quickly.”

I can’t wait until he starts doing this.

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