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Winners and Losers from a Wild Monday in Oklahoma State News

Bodie Reeder, Dezmon Jackson and Carson Cunningham were all affected by Monday’s news.



When I woke up on Monday I had no idea what we were in for. I’d been working on the Monken-Gundy story and knew that at least some version of that was going to be pubbed, but nobody knew that Deondrick Glass would commit or (more shockingly) that Tyron Johnson would declare for the NFL Draft.

It was three hours of straight whirlwind around here, which is why I taped a mini-pod looking back at what in the world happened. We aren’t done there, though. I wanted to dive a little deeper and see who the winners and losers are of all the news coming from Stillwater on Monday. Let’s go.

Dezmon Jackson (Loser): I was asked about the RB room on Monday, and I honestly completely forgot about Jackson. Glass committing means that he may have just been leapfrogged on the depth chart with Chuba, LD Brown, Jahmyl Jeter and Glass all fighting for playing time. Maybe he still ekes out a few carries a game or even becomes a backup for Chuba, but the path to that just got a lot harder with a top-5 running back recruit (all time!) committing to Oklahoma State.

This also seems like a good place to mention that I am very excited for #GlassbyGlass over the next three years.

Braydon Johnson (Winner): Nobody knows who’s going to fill the vacant spot in Tyron’s world on the outside of this offense, but the last name on the chart may not change at all if Braydon is the guy. Kyle Cox wrote well about who’s next man up behind Billy, and Johnson is the most intriguing choice to me (although you could put LC Greenwood, C.J. Moore and Patrick McKaufman in this spot as well). Does tabbing him a winner here mean he’s going to start or even play a lot? No, of course not. But removing a professional talent that’s in front of you on the depth means everybody gets rolled up a spot and you maybe even lose the “-OR-” next to your name.

Carson Cunningham (Loser): I was legit concerned about him yesterday when the Tyron news broke! Just as No. 13 started living up to his (and, ok to be fair, my) hype, there he goes. Gone. We hardly knew ye.

But man those two years were a delight. OSU going to Tyron in the biggest situations with the most on the line, and him snagging ball after ball and jawing at OU to boot was honestly what OSU needs more of.

Here’s my enduring image of him in the orange and black.


An all-timer.

And my favorite clip in Tyron history.

Bodie Reeder (Winner): Has Reeder been offered the QB coach job left vacant by Mike Yurcich’s exit to Ohio State? Not to our knowledge. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be. And any news that points to OSU hiring an offensive coordinator from inside the organization rather than outside of it (like Todd Monken getting hired by the Browns) is good news for him because it means there’s still an assistant spot open that needs to be filled.

Transcribers (Winners): Here are the top five power rankings for fastest talkers in the history of Oklahoma State University athletics.

  1. Kevin Peterson
  2. Tyron Johnson
  3. Kevin Peterson at half speed

That’s the whole list. Related: If you come up with the software that auto-transcribes on your iPhone from recorded video or audio, you will be a wealthy, wealthy person.

Calvin Bundage (Winner): Wait, how is Calvin Bundage a winner in a bunch of news about Oklahoma State’s offense? Well, Tyron, who had a vice grip on the uni Heisman from week to week, is now onto the NFL (? to see him in a Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Saints or Bears uni by the way), and Bundage has tentatively taken the mantle (for me anyway) as the premiere uni wearer on campus at OSU.


Spencer Sanders (Loser): Look, whoever OSU hires as OC is probably going to be good and maybe even great. Howevah … I’m convinced Monken could take 11 media members covering the team and lead them to a season of at least 2.5 points per drive. We might all die in the process, but such is his wizardry. His work in 2012 is kind of unbelievable in retrospect, and I’m bummed that The Future doesn’t get to partake in the present with one of the best from OSU’s past.

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