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Year in review: March 2013

Why Ford should be gone, football players (allegedly) starving dogs, and the best basketball photo of the year.



A look back at the five top stories from each month (as decided by which posts you visited most).

I thought it might be fun to take a gander at which posts did best on a month-by-month basis over the past year. It’s a good snapshot of the year and a nice jog of the memory for the last 12 months which feels, in some ways, like it lasted 12 years.


Most-viewed March 2013 posts

1. Why I’m done with Travis Ford — I couldn’t be more conflicted on Travis Ford right now. On the one hand he’s the third-winningest coach in our history and Marcus Smarts don’t recruit themselves. On the other hand he has one tournament win in his career and…well…just read the post.

2. Shamiel Gary accused of starving dogs — Nothing really came of this other than a bunch of you finally realizing how much I hate OSU.

3. Cartoon of why Ford needs to go — This stands up nine months later. Just a hilarious video.

4. 10 thoughts on Kansas State — Some good memories  from our last home conference win of the season.

5. My favorite photo from last season — Still not totally sure why I loved this one so much — maybe it’s the Angel Rodriguez cameo — but it was my favorite hoops photo of the year.

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