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10 (more) Thoughts on Kansas



1. Todd Monken, I’m disappointed in you. Dana wouldn’t have been running out the clock with a 42-point lead and 55 seconds left in the 4th with the rain coming down. He would have been running play action. And cackling maniacally.

2. Quinn Sharp legitimately punted a ball 80 yards in the air yesterday. He was standing on his own 30 and the nose of the football hit the back line of the end zone. And there was a cross wind.

3. It seems like teams always kick to Justin Gilbert’s side of the field. I don’t get it, are they scared of Isaiah Anderson? Is Isaiah Anderson a better kick returner than Justin Gilbert? Should Gundy be running Devin Hester/Johnny Knox fake kick returns with these guys? These are the things I stay awake at night thinking about.

4. Richetti Jones had a fumble recovery in the first half that the sidelines reacted to like he’d just solved Israeli/Palestenian relations. Blackmon was jumping on top of him, coaches were going crazy, Cooper Bassett was trying to do a 9-step handshake with Josh Stewart. This team has fun and as a result, is fun to watch.

5. Anthony Slater noted this, but Oklahoma State’s first team offense scored a TD all seven times it touched the ball yesterday. You could have named a number and they could have hit it. Really, anything.

6. I know we’ve been pumping up OSU (as we should be) but, I mean, how bad is Kansas? They didn’t even look like they shouldn’t be in the same conference as OSU, they looked like they shouldn’t be in the same division.

7. Loved this from a KU blogger:

8. He didn’t get a lot of run in the papers today but Tyler Johnson was all over the field yesterday in his first action of the season. His return is one of the underrated storylines going into this massive 14-day stretch.

9. As Jenni Carlson pointed out, OSU scored 5 points every minute they had the ball on Saturday, or a point every 12 seconds. There are basketball teams that would kill for those numbers.

10. I insinuated it earlier but it’s worth noting explicitly: this is a top 5 team.

No, they don’t have the defense Alabama or LSU has but they’re going to score (and score and score and score) on everyone. And they have a little swagger right now that championship teams have. They’re poised, they’re disciplined, they believe in New Orleans.

And they have the best quarterback in the country running the show.

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