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10 More Thoughts On Louisiana



NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

1. I included this in the Twitter roundup of the game but I felt like it deserved its own space here as well. Might be the tweet of the year so far…

2. Just to reiterate: OSU put up more yards than it ever has in its football history with a backup QB who couldn’t even finish a practice last season because his right arm wasn’t up to it. I think this team’s system is here to stay.

3. After Lunt went down and I took 20 shots of bourbon sat void of emotions at my computer for 10 minutes, the only thought I had for the next quarter was “but at least we figured out the punt return situation!” Really though, how much more do we trust David Glidden than, well, anyone else on this roster to return punts?

4. Gundy Badger making another appearance last night with a 38-0 “I don’t give a crap, I’m the reigning Big 12 champ!” second quarter onside kick. So that was nice. It looked like Hudspeth got a little chippy with him after the game but I also read into postgame handshakes like I’m Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest so maybe not…

5. I thought the crowd was excellent given the circumstances (Sun Belt team, coming off a loss, 11 AM kick). Obviously the air gets taken out a little bit after last week and with Lunt’s mangled knee strewn all over the turf but they hung in there. Now if we could get the speakers on top of BPS under 100,000 decibals we’d be getting somewhere…

6. Cowboys still haven’t really forced a turnover this year. The Savannah State game is whatever (my mom and sister could have induced a pick in that game), none last week, then one this week that was basically Louisiana’s running back saying “hey I saw that thing Josh Stewart did last week where he just handed the ball to the other team, I thought that was nice and I wanted to repay the favor and pad Quinn Sharp’s FG stats, thanks for paying us to come play you!”

7. When God created Josh Stewart, He did so knowing that a genius with a mullet from Houston would bring the air raid to Oklahoma State and that Stewart would eventually go to college there. The fit could not be more perfect.

8. OSU only had five penalties for 45 yards. You know, just a Calvin Barnett away game’s worth.

9. Gundy really is the best. I think he’s just trying to see what he can get away with at this point. He wore a tucked in gray[1. A color that makes every OSU grad over 60+, you know, the ones with the money, want to fling themselves off the top of the stadium] pullover, gray Nike kicks, and a haircut that looked like something out of Val Kilmer’s 1980s playbook.

Then he straight up lied to everybody in the country about Wes Lunt at halftime[2. Yes, because Jim FREAKING Knox knows what happened to Wes Lunt and Mike Gundy doesn’t] and you guys (myself included) can’t get enough of the guy!

10. Two weeks until Texas is a good thing for this team right now. Re-group the injured guys, get Walsh on a deep ball program, and pray the Ole Miss game was an aberration for David Ash.

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