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10 Thoughts On Baylor




I have a confession: I didn’t really watch much of the second half. Oh it was on and I was staring at it for the most part, but I was playing on Twitter and trying to think of interesting posts for this upcoming week instead of partaking in the worst loss in Oklahoma State men’s basketball history.

Yes, the worst loss in Oklahoma State men’s basketball history.

[editor’s note: upon further review this is the second worst loss in OSU history. The Cowboys lost by 42 to OU in 1911 and Creighton in 1932. Thanks to Ryan Stewart for the update.]

On to the ten thoughts:

1. First, I troll Baylor really hard (probably too hard sometimes), mostly because I think a lot of their fans think Waco is the new Austin and this is going to last forever, but I have to give props where props are due. I don’t care how or by what means this team was assembled, it is a LEGIT basketball team. They’re going to win the Big 12 and depending on what region they get in the dance I’m probably going to pick them to go to the Final Four when we start filling out brackets in two months.

2. Keiton looked tired today. I know he was overmatched but he’s been playing a ton of minutes lately and the 3-11 shooting outing showed it. Actually the whole team, save Markel, looked pretty winded. That’s what happens when you have seven guys in the rotation and it isn’t going to get any better in the next 14 games.

3. I’ve always been a pretty avid Ford supporter, and will probably continue to be at least for the remainder of this season, but this thing is not going in the right direction. You’re supposed to have the worst loss in OSU history the first year after your predecessor’s recruits leave (last year), not towards the end of year two. I’m not saying fire him or calling for his head, I just want to see some direction, that’s all I ask for.

4. In basketball and football combined this year: Baylor 130 – OSU 124. That freaking garbage TD by Griffin with one minute left is killing us!

5. This is really random (and the kind of thing you notice when your basketball team is in the midst of its worst loss ever), but I like how Markel swats shots after the whistle has been blown. Simmons once wrote a piece about how Kevin Garnett used to do this out of principle because it basically says “look, I know the whistle already blew but I’m going to come at you and I’m going to keep coming at you.” That’s a characteristic I want on my team. I know OSU lost by 41 but IT’S SOMETHING WE CAN BUILD ON, OK?!

6. If LeBryan wants to go to the league next year, he got a taste of what that’s going to be like today. When everything’s said and done I say Baylor puts no less than five guys off this year’s team in the league (and it’s only had four guys drafted in the first round in its history). Perry Jones (obviously), Quincy Miller (who doesn’t shoot when he jumps), and then possibly Pierre Jackson, Cory Jefferson, Quincy Acy, and Deuce Bello. Scary.

7. Speaking of Cory Jefferson, that dude scares me more than anybody on their team. He looks like he would just kill fools.

8. Down 32 with six minutes left Mark Jones said “…barring a miraculous comeback from Oklahoma State.” Umm.

9. How about the cutaway to the Auburn/Ole Miss game with 15 minutes left in the second half of ours? I thought the following two tweets summed that up quite nicely:

10. This game only deserves nine thoughts.

Next game: Wednesday night in Ames against Iowa State

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