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10 Thoughts On Baylor



1. That is what a #3 team in the country looks like. Shoot, that’s what a #1 or #2 team in the country looks like.

2. When Kye Staley caught his TD on a crossing pattern you could see Weeden in the background behind him nodding his head as his visor kept catching the sunlight reflecting it up and down as if to say “we’re coming Bama, we’re coming.”

3. “The difference between RG3 and Brandon Weeden is that RG3 throws the ball downfield a lot more.” Thanks for the analysis, Bob Davie. He also said “my partner and I just saw Brandon Weeden for the first time yesterday.” I’m not a big “that guy sucks” guy when it comes to announcers, but Bob Davie sucks.

4. Text of the day goes to Nolo after JG4 (nickname coined by KT King) tried to house that RG3 pick 109 yards: “I call your salmon Masters pullover if Gilbert even attempts to do that again.”

5. Joseph Randle won’t touch Barry’s 37 rushing TD mark (who will?) but Terry Miller’s runner-up 21 rushing TDs in a season is within reach. He has 16 now.

6. I feel like the media was obsessed with this game being a shootout. Davie and Bob Wischusen couldn’t stop talking about it. Then Griffin threw as many incompletions in the first half as he had all season…

7. The throw to Blackmon down the seam when he dropped it was unbelievable. You couldn’t have dropped it in his hands any better than that if you were levitating above him.

8. The emotion the defense displayed coming off the field after the goal line stand on Baylor’s first drive was next level. They were out to prove something today. I think holding Baylor to 3 points in the first 3 quarters and forcing 5 TOs proves that something.

9. That was the weirdest fumble recovery/run I’ve ever seen. I mean, the crowd essentially didn’t react. It was like it was in slow motion.

10. My favorite part of the game was yelling, “our defense is terrible” every time we forced a turnover or got a 4th down stop. So, essentially the end of nearly every Baylor possession.

(extra point) How confident are we in the fade to Blackmon for 6? I mean, I half expect us to throw it once we get inside the 30 yard line. I love it.

(2 pt conversion) I wonder if Herschel Sims chose #18, like that’s the number he’ll continue to be beyond this season. Or, if he wants to be like #25 or something and he’s just waiting for Cooper to leave and become the next Wes Welker. It’s just kind of a weird number for a running back, no? I legitimately thought about this during an entire offensive series in the fourth quarter. I think that says a lot about where we’re at as a program, if you know what I mean.

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