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10 Thoughts On Kansas State



1. OMG. I’m glad there are only three games left. I can’t do this anymore. It’s too much.

2. Weeden. My gosh. Yeah the pick six hurt but 501 (new school record) and 4 TD plus two massive drives in the last five minutes. Just 30 minutes worth of a middle finger right towards Palo Alto. Is this last month going to be dazzling or what?

3. This is what happens when OSU doesn’t win the turnover battle and plays a team that controls the clock. Stoops is in the film room right now watching this tape.

4. The gray | black | gray was spectacular. That, the black | black | orange and the white | white | white have been my favorites so far.

5. I would bet my life OSU could score more than 9 points against either LSU or Alabama.

6. Blackmon had 13 for 205 and 2. His personal best was 207 at Tech last year. Weeden just kept going to him. And Monken just kept going to Weeden. I love that he just doesn’t care what anybody did the drive before. Every drive is a clean slate and the team responds to that wonderfully. The last two scores were icy.

7. There were 28 points scored from 5:16 left in the 4th to 2:16 left in the 4th. Klein run, Blackmon catch, Klein run, Randle run, Kyle dead.

8. Tracy Moore was also terrific tonight. 9 for 146 and 1. The 146 is a new career high too. When Blackmon was draped, Weeden found him and to his credit he caught everything thrown his way. Speaking of that, I’m not sure OSU dropped a ball tonight. Just a fantastic performance from the offense in a game when the defense badly needed their support.

9. Collin Klein might throw like Johnny Damon, but the dude can ball. 231 and 1 plus 144 and 3 on the ground against a defense that hadn’t given up 30 in conference play all year. Hats off to #7.

10. How about Lisa Salters asking Mike Gundy if he knew what the LSU Alabama score was two minutes after the OSU game ended? Lisa, that game ended like five minutes before ours!! I loved that he flipped it around, started interviewing her, and said “I’m not so sure they shouldn’t have been watching our game…” Gundy + Les for a week in New Orleans would be like the gold rush for journalists.

11. (bonus) If you’re the clock operator for OSU, how do you liv.e with yourself if you leave 1 second on the clock at the end of that game and K-State ends up winning?

12. (bonus) This wasn’t a great game by the (now) #2 team in the country. Yes, they started out strong and even looked like they were going to blow K-State out for a while. But things happened. Blackmon dropped the punt. Weeden threw some picks. The defense couldn’t figure out homeless man’s Matt Jones.

But you know what? At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, pretty, or looks like Alexi Ogando.

Because OSU finds itself Tech, Iowa State, and Bedlam from playing LSU for the national championship.

#NewOrleans baby.


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