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10 Thoughts: West Virginia Wrestling



1. Klimara had a huge win tonight from both a team standpoint and from a personal standpoint. Klimara was in deep two times from neutral, but couldn’t convert against the steady wrestling of Shane Young.

Being tied 2-2 going into the third period and down over a minute (:49) on riding time, Klimara rode Young out to capture 1:11 of riding time for a 3-2 victory. Big confidence booster. That match most likely won him a trip to the NCAA tournament and a possible ranking next week.

2. Tyler Dorrell gave the crowd an excitement early in the dual. Down 3-1 going into the third period, he came back and scored a very last second double-from-a-scramble takedown to win 7-6.

He was out of position a lot, and did not look too good going into the third period, but to pull out a victory against a wrestler ranked in the top 25 is just unbelievable. Great win for him and his family.

3. Feikert. Ugh. There goes his season and all hopes of confidence and possibly his chances at an All-American season. He doesn’t look as bad as some other wrestlers, but his confidence has to be in the ditch right now.

He definitely has the ability to win some matches for the Cowboys, but he first needs to get off this grind and find a move he can score with on his feet.

4. Oliver blah blah blah. (Jk) you could tell his opponent had been looking forward to this match forever. He came out with a little pep to his step, but quickly succumbed to a Jordan Oliver onslaught and after attempting to evade a cradle gave it up when he was trying to stand up from bottom and that was that.

5. The Luster- Dieringer matchup was not as exciting as I had hoped it to be. Dieringer hit two fireman’s carries and had two incredible turns to win 11-2. Luster will be a great wrestler, but something about Dieringer tells me, and a lot of fans, that he is going to be one of the all-time greats.

6. The slow clap during Caldwell’s match is a very good representation of his wrestling…He managed a major decision in the third period, but he has to be the uhmmm…. how do I put this….most methodical #3 ranked wrestlers in the nation.

7. Chris Perry did well in his match attacking from the first whistle; however, he is susceptible to people stalling on bottom. He needs to figure out a different way of turning wrestlers because a bar and half doesn’t work in upper level college (for the most part), and I believe he should really try to get a few more takedowns before working top and bottom to break his opponents down a bit.

8. Wow. Chionuma had the most impressive match of the night at 184 with his bevy of takedowns and riding ability on top. He dominated a wrestler that doesn’t get dominated often. Frankly, I’ve never seen Bryson get worked like that. Great win for Chionuma. Great swagger.

Bold prediction of the day: He may be Ed Ruth’s toughest competition if he maintains this increase in ability.

9. Rosholt had a pretty ordinary 197 matchup against a tough freshman. Although we would all like to see him have a bit more of an attack from his feet, but with the dual already wrapped up and a decent opponent, let’s not get too cocky.

10. And last, but certainly not least, Gelogaev has that incredible foot sweep he always tries in every match. And tonight, on queue, hit it to perfection. Fat boy, foot trip, back, pin. Pretty normal day for a heavyweight!

Final: No. 2 Oklahoma State 36, West Virginia 3

Bout-by-bout results

125: Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec. Shane Young (WVU), 3-2

133: Tyler Dorrell (OSU) dec. Colin Johnston (WVU), 7-6

141: No. 13 Nathan Pennesi (WVU) dec. Julian Feikert (OSU), 6-0

149: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) fall Tre Miller-Scott (WVU), 1:19

157: No. 10 Alex Dieringer (OSU) MD Jason Luster (WVU), 11-2

165: No. 3 Tyler Caldwell (OSU) MD Ross Renzi (WVU), 10-2

174: No. 1 Chris Perry (OSU) dec. Bubba Scheffel (WVU), 8-2

184: No. 14 Chris Chionuma (OSU) MD Lance Bryson (WVU), 17-4

197: No. 16 Blake Rosholt (OSU) dec. A.J. Vizcarrondo (WVU), 4-1

285: No. 3 Alan Gelogaev (OSU) fall Phil Mandzik (WVU), 0:55

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