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2013 Os(u)cars



With the 85th Academy Awards barely in our rearview mirror, I wanted to hand out some hardware on the blog. Sorry this is a day late…

Note: The time frame for these awards stretches from the end of last year’s awards (2012) to last Saturday. Today marks the beginning of the 2014 Os(u)car season!

Best Picture

Nominees: Football vs. OU | Football vs. Texas | Hoops vs. OU | Hoops vs. Kansas

Winner: The Kansas game. Or is it “the back flip game”? Either way, it’s tough for me to tab a loss (football against OU/Texas) as “best picture” and the OU basketball game certainly wasn’t very pretty. Yes, this was a simple choice.

Actor In a Leading Role

Nominees: Marcus Smart | Joe Randle | Jordan Oliver | Robbie Rea | Toni Young

Winner: Easiest choice of all the nominations. If you aren’t appreciating what is turning into an all-time statistical performance (and that’s barely half the story) then you need to get on board. Marcus Smart, please come back to the stage for your second Os(u)car.

Actor In a Supporting Role

Nominees: Clint Chelf | Markel Brown | Josh Stewart | Calvin Barnett | Keiton Page

Winner: This was the toughest award to sort out. I honestly didn’t know which QB to include (and could have included all of them). I’m actually going to Josh Stewart in a surprise here. He had 109 touches for 1,330 yards and 8 TDs…and didn’t sniff the All-Big 12 team.

Costume Design

Nominees: Football | Baseball | Basketball | Wrestling

Winner: It was tough to go against these, and I really love the new basketball shorts, but baseball has a way of upstaging the competition at the last minute. It did it last year and blew the field away again this season with the Robin Ventura-era throwbacks.


Nominees: Mike Gundy | John Smith | Josh Holliday | Jim Littell | Travis Ford | Todd Monken

Winner: It’s definitely between Monken and Ford and I’m going to give it to Monken simply because Ford hasn’t put a complete season together and Monken just placed two in the pantheon. 14,259 yards and 1,227 points in 26 games? Thanks for playing, enjoy Hattiesburg.

Cinematography (best season)

Nominees: Basketball | Wrestling | Women’s basketball | Cross Country

Winner: Cross Country – for doing something no other sport at OSU has done in the past year — win a national title.

Visual Effects

Nominees: Josh Stewart in Norman | Joe Randle against Texas | Markel against Tennessee Tech | Markel against Texas Tech

Winner: Markel against Tennessee Tech makes my knees weak, he hangs in the air for like four seconds!

Best Short Film

Nominees: Weeden and Gavin | Marcus Smart flip | Marcus Smart Shake | Travis Ford grabs something

Winner: In the upset of the night, Travis Ford grabbing something wins the shortest short film ever.

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In Memoriam

Empty GIA. RIP, you had a good five-year run, big fella.

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