2013 Os(u)cars

Written by Kyle Porter

With the 85th Academy Awards barely in our rearview mirror, I wanted to hand out some hardware on the blog. Sorry this is a day late…

Note: The time frame for these awards stretches from the end of last year’s awards (2012) to last Saturday. Today marks the beginning of the 2014 Os(u)car season!

Best Picture

Nominees: Football vs. OU | Football vs. Texas | Hoops vs. OU | Hoops vs. Kansas

Winner: The Kansas game. Or is it “the back flip game”? Either way, it’s tough for me to tab a loss (football against OU/Texas) as “best picture” and the OU basketball game certainly wasn’t very pretty. Yes, this was a simple choice.

Actor In a Leading Role

Nominees: Marcus Smart | Joe Randle | Jordan Oliver | Robbie Rea | Toni Young

Winner: Easiest choice of all the nominations. If you aren’t appreciating what is turning into an all-time statistical performance (and that’s barely half the story) then you need to get on board. Marcus Smart, please come back to the stage for your second Os(u)car.

Actor In a Supporting Role

Nominees: Clint Chelf | Markel Brown | Josh Stewart | Calvin Barnett | Keiton Page

Winner: This was the toughest award to sort out. I honestly didn’t know which QB to include (and could have included all of them). I’m actually going to Josh Stewart in a surprise here. He had 109 touches for 1,330 yards and 8 TDs…and didn’t sniff the All-Big 12 team.

Costume Design

Nominees: Football | Baseball | Basketball | Wrestling

Winner: It was tough to go against these, and I really love the new basketball shorts, but baseball has a way of upstaging the competition at the last minute. It did it last year and blew the field away again this season with the Robin Ventura-era throwbacks.


Nominees: Mike Gundy | John Smith | Josh Holliday | Jim Littell | Travis Ford | Todd Monken

Winner: It’s definitely between Monken and Ford and I’m going to give it to Monken simply because Ford hasn’t put a complete season together and Monken just placed two in the pantheon. 14,259 yards and 1,227 points in 26 games? Thanks for playing, enjoy Hattiesburg.

Cinematography (best season)

Nominees: Basketball | Wrestling | Women’s basketball | Cross Country

Winner: Cross Country – for doing something no other sport at OSU has done in the past year — win a national title.

Visual Effects

Nominees: Josh Stewart in Norman | Joe Randle against Texas | Markel against Tennessee Tech | Markel against Texas Tech

Winner: Markel against Tennessee Tech makes my knees weak, he hangs in the air for like four seconds!

Best Short Film

Nominees: Weeden and Gavin | Marcus Smart flip | Marcus Smart Shake | Travis Ford grabs something

Winner: In the upset of the night, Travis Ford grabbing something wins the shortest short film ever.

myfacewhen (1)

In Memoriam

Empty GIA. RIP, you had a good five-year run, big fella.

  • Matt

    What was the context of the ford grabbing something?

    • It looked like he was grabbing something to throw in anger, but the highlight of the entire thing to me is Hunziker patting him on the hand like, “Don’t do it, buddy. It’ll be OK.”

  • Nolo

    If only there were a .gif of when they called a jump ball after LB’s offensive rebound against OU. It was all-time.

  • Agreed Nolo. Ford did a swan-like, diving-header into the bench.


    You deserve an Oscar for this very creative blog. Well done!

  • Matt

    well yea thats what i got from the thing i was just wondering what happened to make him do that

    • Cody

      They called a bogus charge on Nash at midcourt in a tight game

      • Matt

        Ha okay i was just making sure if was a “quick give me something to beat the crap out of these refs” moment

  • Cari

    This was great! Very clever.

  • Josh

    Way too heavy on your love for basketball. Jordan Oliver is far more dominant than Smart right now. Joe Randle’s opening run and dump truck move on the UT secondary top Brown’s jam against Tennessee Tech. Competition level means more…