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5 Halftime Thoughts On Baylor



1. I know I’m probably not the first one to ask, but why does AJ Walton start for Baylor if Pierre Jackson plays 27 minutes a game? Like, what’s the point? Any Baylor fans reading this, help me out.

2. Earlier this week, after the Kansas State game, one of my friends texted me “Quincy Acy is a man!” and he is indeed, but if there’s one guy in the Big 12 that can put a body on him and make him change his game, it’s Jurick.

3. Listen, I know everybody pays players (yes, OSU included), but it’s very hard for me to believe this collection of athletes Baylor put together was done so under circumstances that wouldn’t be frowned upon by people who work for and with Mark Emmert. I mean if you gave these guys a bunch of white shirts and told them to go play a pick up game agains five random guys and said “what college is this?” The answer would be UConn, Kentucky, or Carolina. That’s it.

4. Strong first half from Markel which makes me think he was really hurting the last few weeks. Obviously he doesn’t usually hit threes (which he is) but he’s also been driving hard to the bucket which is absolutely what he should be doing. Also, he has 14 and the rest of the team has 17.

5. I don’t want to watch the second half. I can’t stomach this.

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