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5 Halftime Thoughts On Bedlam



1. How bad was OU in the first part of the first half? Are we sure this was the same team that hung with KU for the entire first half in Norman on Saturday? They looked lost. Also, I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to fit a Whitney Hand joke in there somewhere.

2. Will there be more missed LeBryan layups in this game or more missed FG in the title game tonight?

3. Ford has done a really good job with the rotation in the last few weeks. It’s as tough to figure out rotations with seven guys in the rotation as it is with 10 and he’s been mixing and matching well. My only fear is that these dudes are going to run out of gas by mid-February. Poor Mike Cobbins is going to play more minutes this season than he’s played in his entire life combined.

4. I love Ford in the orange blazer. For somebody who’s “screwing up the program” he sure handles himself and his team with a lot of class. I’m not saying that’s a reason to keep him around, just that if he can ever get this thing together, everybody who’s currently obsessing over the football program and everything Gundy has done will flock back to hoops.

5. More great D from the Cowboys tonight, holding OU to a 26% | 0% | 57% line from the field, three, and free throw line respectively. That’s going to keep them in some games, the offense is going to have to win it.

Bonus: I want to see more Cade Davis tweets like this one in the second half:

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