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5 Halftime Thoughts On K-State



1. Kansas State hasn’t won in Stillwater since 1993. Wow. Also very cool of their coaches to sport the “4” OSU lapels, another team’s coaches might have already done it but this is the first one I remember.

2. The OSU bench is hilarious: five really tall, really white guys…and the Mexican “assassin.”

3. At 11:46 OSU was tied 11-11. At 11:27 OSU was down 19-11. A 19-second stretch that’s probably not going in the post-season highlight video.

4. Simmons has this thing called the table test where you look at a certain guy and say “what’s he bringing to the table and what’s he taking off it?” As long as you’re bringing more than you’re taking then you’re valuable. All that to say, Cezar is definitely taking more off of it than he’s bringing to it.

5. I’ve been excited about how well OSU has been moving lately. Most of the time I feel like it’s unintentional (saving loose balls etc.) but they DID have a couple of nice backdoor cuts in the first half of this thing.

6. (bonus) I don’t care how (or why) he got it, that was an outstanding technical by Ford because the crowd is heated now. If it’s within two or three with five minutes left, GIA will close hard and Frank Martin might become the first coach to ever strangle himself during a game. I’m pumped for this second half.

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