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5 Halftime Thoughts On New Mexico



1. A pretty discouraging first half for OSU after a great road in at Missouri State and a pretty good outing against Pitt last Saturday. It’s usually not a good thing when your shooting percentage is basically the same as your points scored in the first half of a game. Especially when that number is 25.

2. How much does Gottlieb know about college basketball? We like to make fun of these announcers and analysts but it’s refreshing to hear a dude like him who just loves hoops talk about it.

3. And speaking of Gottlieb, I thought it was interesting that he had a bigger issue with Nash and JPO playing well together than the point guard situation. There are third world food situations in better shape right now than OSU’s point guard situation.

4. Keiton Page drawing a foul on a three is the Durant rip move of Oklahoma State: opponents loathe it, fans and presumably Ford, love it.

5. I want to see a shooting contest between Travis Ford and Steve Alford at halftime. I want it televised and I want there to be large sums of money involved. That would make my viewing experience much better.

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