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5 Non-Bedlam Rivalries I Love



In light of this weekend and the awesome Iron Bowl I just watched, I decided to post my 5 favorite non-bedlam rivalries in college football…

1. SC vs. Notre Dame – That’s Southern California not South Carolina, just to clear things up. When both schools are going good and ranked there’s nothing better than this game. I remember exactly where I was when Leinart audibled the 4th and 10 throw to Jarrett in South Bend in ’05. I remember thinking “that’s the ballsiest throw I’ve ever seen in my life.” I don’t necessarily have a crush on either team but if they’re both in the Top 10, I’m watching. Guaranteed.

Favorite player in this series: Reggie Bush – I might not be crushin’ on either team but I was totally crushin’ on him Bieber-style in ’04-‘05

2. Michigan vs. Ohio St. – I hate the Big 10, that’s well-documented. But there have been some CLASSICS in this series. It’s like they both forget they hate TDs and the forward pass for one weekend and actually play an exciting football game! Who knew?! By the way, did you know they were ranked #1 and #2 when they played in 2006?! How do I not remember this? It feels like it’s been since the mid-90s since they were #1 and #2.

Favorite player in this series: Charles Woodson, and it’s not close. I used to have a newspaper clipping of him hanging on my wall from the ’97 Rose Bowl clutching a rose in his mouth after they beat Washington State and he won the Heisman.

3. Auburn vs. Alabama – There’s probably a little bit of hyperbole going on here because of where these two teams are ranked this year. However, I remember driving through Birmingham a few years ago and seeing a sign that said something like “this commemorates 50 years of games between Auburn and Alabama, to the victor goes the spoils” or something really cool like that.

Favorite player in the series: Bo.

4. Texas vs. OU – I hate writing this, I really do. But when you’re playing a football game that’s the culmination of an event (Texas State Fair) that attracts 3 million people annually…what choice do I have? They are each others rivals, much to A&M and OSUs chagrin and always will be, but I will say it seems a bit unfair to the other 10 (8?) teams in the Big XII that neither has to play at the other’s home field. That 4-year home winning streak Stoops has? Yeah, a bit skewed perhaps.

Favorite player in this series: Colt McCoy. My options are limited, obviously.

5. Army vs. Navy – Could have gone Florida Georgia, Florida Florida St., Michigan Notre Dame, Harvard Yale, or Illinois Missouri here, but any game played between two 0-11 teams that can bring me to the brink of tears gets the nod for my top 5.

Favorite player in the series: all of them.

A few extras
Coolest rivalry name: Holy War – BYU vs. Utah and BC vs. Notre Dame

Coolest rivalry name II: Civil War – Oregon vs. Oregon St.

Coolest rivalry name III: Egg Bowl – Ole Miss vs. Miss. St. – Do they play for an actual egg? Easter reference?

Coolest rivalry name IV: Farmageddon – Iowa St. vs. K-State – This is hilarious for so many reasons.

Coolest rivalry name V: Backyard Brawl – West Virginia vs. Pitt – Burn those couches.

Coolest rivalry name VI: Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry – Auburn vs. Georgia – Yes. Glory to Old Georgia.

Worst rivalry name: Indiana-Purdue Rivalry – Not only is this literally the most boring D-1 matchup I can possibly think of, but, really, we couldn’t come up with something more creative than “Indiana-Purdue Rivalry”?

Why does Minnesota get to battle for the coolest prizes? Little Brown Jug, Paul Bunyan’s Ax, Slab of Bacon, and Governor’s Victory Bell

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